Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

If Landon was going to go to the Alpha of Alpha's, he needed to hurry up. But he didn't know what he was going to say to him about this. Landon may have been an Alpha himself but he couldn't challenge the Alpha of Alpha's about this. And that meant it wouldn't happen if the Alpha said no and Landon was not going to be able to fight that.

But right now, Landon felt the need to clear his head and a run was the way to do that. Running in wolf form always made Landon feel better because he felt free. He was allowed to let his wolf self out and just be a wolf for a while. That was why werewolves were far more superior to humans because they could be a wolf whenever they wanted, if they weren't a turned wolf.

Landon made his way out to the woods, shifted into his wolf form and then started to run. As soon as he transformed into his wolf, he felt a whole lot better and he was so glad that he decided go for a run. Landon then found himself wondering if he would run into Xander. He was eager to hear an explanation from him about last night because it was the strangest thing ever.

"Alpha," said a familiar voice behind Landon. It was Xander and Landon was glad that it was, "I was hoping to bump into you."

"And I was hoping to bump into you as well. Coincidence?" replied Landon. Xander may have helped with Lyla last night but that didn't mean that Landon was ready to trust him, not yet. It was the type of wolf that Landon was and it took him time to trust others. Maybe it was because he was an Alpha and he did it for the good of the pack. But it didn't matter because Landon needed answers and he was going to get them now.

"Maybe it is. But there are things called, 'happy coincidences.' This one is, don't you think?"

"Possibly. But since I have bumped into you, there is something we should discuss."

"And what is that, Alpha?"

"Why did you want to help last night with my mate? You are a rogue and I know what rogues are like."

"Maybe this rogue has changed."

Landon's jaw dropped. Rogues could change, he had heard of it before, but Landon wasn't so sure if this was real. Rogues made a choice to leave the pack and live the way they did and it was not easy for them to change. And sometimes they said they changed to get back into a pack for the comfort and warm place to sleep every night but they would always go back to their old ways and be kicked out of the pack again. It was like a never ending cycle that could never be changed.

"I find that hard to believe," said Landon.

"I know, I know. It is always hard to believe a rogue wolf. But it is known that rogue wolves can change and this one has. I have heard the stories and I have seen what it is like for a rogue to change. And I want to change," replied Xander.

Landon growled.

"Please, Alpha."

"How do I trust you? What if you only want to change so you can get my sympathy and then I will let you into my pack? And then you will go after my mate for the turned wolves."

"I know it is hard to trust a rogue wolf but you can trust me. I am telling the truth."

Landon growled again. How was he supposed to trust a rogue wolf when he knew what they were like? It was impossible for Landon to trust someone who he didn't want to trust and he definitely didn't want to trust Xander. But he seemed a little bit sincere now, Landon gave him that, so maybe there wouldn't be any harm in trying. Landon shook his head as soon as that thought came into his mind. There was a chance that Xander was lying and all he wanted to do was get close to Lyla. Landon wasn't ready to take that chance, especially when his mate was involved because he would do anything to protect her.

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