Everyone Knew

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I walked into school holding hands with my perfect boyfriend. Justin Bieber. Everyone smiled and waved. Some people didn't really except me and Justin but most of them loved us. I smiled as I seen my best friend Maddisin. She's an adorable short mixed girl. "Heey Y/N!" She said excitedly as she hugged the hell out of me. "Hey Maddie." I said hugging back. I looked around and seen that Justin was gone. "There he is." Maddie said with a stank face. I looked at him with Slutena Hoemez. I sighed looking down. "It's okay babygirl. Don't give that niqqa no booty aight?" She said. I smiled and nodded. We then started walking to class. "Oh shit I forgot I gotta go see Mr.Edwards." I said then hugged her goodbye. I was walking to the class when I seen my friend Katlin. We walked together talking. "Heey Mr.E" I said. He smiled and told what I needed to do. "Aight gotcha E." I said. We then walked out. "Yo you going to Dee's party?" Katlin asked me. I looked at her confused. "What party?" I said. "The party Justin was supposed to be telling you about." She said. I shook my head. "He hasn't told me about any party." I said. She nodded and shrugged. "He probably forgot." She said. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well I gotta get to class. See ya mamacita." She said hugging me then she walked off. Justin, Selena, Za, Twist, and Ryan were in my first period. They been acting shady lately but thats all good. I got Maddie. Maddie is this gay girl. She has a girlfriend but we always flirt with each other. I walked into the room almost late. "Y/N!!!" Maddie yelled. She ran up and hugged me tight. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Ryan look at us and whisper something to the "Squad". They all laughed. Even my 'boyfriend'. Okay niqqa when I leave yo ass for a girl don't say shit. "Class settle down." Mrs.Yelkoke said. She's Indian.

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