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Charles Macaulay pov:

"please, spare me" the poor man begged for his life.


"agrhhhh" screamed the man with pain

more kicks

"please let me go, I got a family to feed" exclaimed the man with pain

"should have thought about it before betraying me loser"  the mafia boss yelled with rage

"I'm sorry boss, it wont happen again" the man cried

"as if you'll get chance to do it again"   

"what do you-"



the man was dropped dead 

"clean this mess" ordered the mafia boss to his men.


Amma Ortega  pov:

*Few days ago*

"Okay so you are telling me the Macaulay's are planning to merge with us and then take over the whole company?"

"Yes, mam in fact they also want to you to marry the CEO so they could have power over us."

"How are you so sure? "

"His very trustee man gaye us the info in trade of sone diamonds that where laying around in your house" said the guy smirking

"Alright if that's how they wanna play lets do this" the boss said with a smirk

"what do you mean by that mam?"

"we'll go according to there plan, then stab them in the back. out now"

the man bowed with respect and left the room


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