Chapter Eleven-Luna

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Even though I felt as if I was no longer alive, something kept telling me I was. My body now felt like it was lead. My head hurt like crazy. I could hear voices talking, but I couldn't understand who was talking or what they were saying. My eyes felt like they had been glued shut. Forcing them open wasn't easy, but I did it. I saw white blobs. Then I started to understand what the blobs were saying.

"Subject 2-31 has awakened. We have to get the subject ready for the test while she is still under the drugs. This experiment has obviously proven herself as a failure." an old husky guy's voice said. I heard some writing on what sounded like a clipboard. I still couldn't see straight, but I could see the other blob nod.

"Yes I agree, we must terminate her, but keep the body for research. We must use her DNA to be able to produce a more stable subject. She has proven herself an unworthy cause." a woman's voice said.

"We must take her to room 112 immediately." the man said.

I then felt myself being wheeled through long white hallways. I felt a breeze brushing against my body. I heard the front of the stretcher I was laying on, be pushed threw a doorway and into a blank looking room from what I could see. My eyesight finally came into focus and I saw the man at the foot of the stretcher. I felt hands under my arms and saw the hands of the man grab onto my ankles. No later was I lifted and laid down on a nurse's office looking bed. I saw the woman pull out a miniature flashlight and shined it in each of my eyes twice.

"Subject is quickly coming out of the haze. We need to give her the drug and get out of here so we'll be able to monitor her before she starts getting rebellious." the woman said. The man nodded and took out a really big needle. My eyes went wide at the sight of it. The woman grabbed my arms.

"No!" I yelled. I didn't know what it was, but it was a white liquid that had a greenish tint to it. I didn't like the sight of it and my guess was I'm not going to like what it could do to me.

I cried out as the needle pierced my skin and went deep into my arm. The man quickly put the needle away while the woman started wheeling the stretcher out of the room. The last things I heard them say before they left were.

"How long should it take before the drug takes effect?" the woman asked.

"About an hour and the drug should last about three hours." the man answered before shutting the door and locking it.

My body still felt heavy and it took all of my effort to try to get feel back into it. I started off by wiggling my fingers and toes until I could completely feel them again. Then I tried my arms and legs along with the rest of my body until I could feel everything again. I sat up slowly, rubbing the place where the needle went into my arm. Looking around I realized the bed was the only thing in this room. Not even a window to decorate the plain white walls.

I looked at the floor wishing David was here. He was annoying, rude and such a know it all, but he was also brave, caring and loving. I wonder if he even knows I'm gone. What if he's just now finding out that I'm gone? Would he be happy that he's finally rid of me? After all that I said to him I wouldn't be surprised if he was throwing a party right now. He has a right to be happy that I'm gone.

Or may be he's worried about me. May be he was shocked that I left and he's looking for me. He could've found my tunnel and tried to following, finding the gaping hole in the top of it. If he's looking for me, though, there's no guarantee that he will know where to find me. He could've gone the opposite direction of the lab. He might not even know I'm at the lab.

My hopes that David would find me dangerously fell. I realized for the first time that I was in a hospital gown and my white hair was flowing on my shoulders. I was admiring how long my hair was when I started coughing. I used my hand to cover my mouth and when I pulled it away I saw blood. My eyes widened. What did they do to me? I looked at my arm and could easily see my veins. I laid down and tried to shake the fear in my mind, hoping David would come and help me.

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