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Chapter 928



I said again.

I sprang to my feet.

"That's right."
He smiled, nodding slowly.
"You finally get it don't you?"

My eyes widened.

It couldn't be.

I shook my head, repetitively.


"I did it."


"I, Watanabe Akira, did it."

"All of it. Everything."


Chapter 929


Memories of
a thousand lifetimes
raced through my mind,
picture perfect still shots,
scattered across the floor,
one by one, frame by frame,
threatening me with tears.

All of it.

The pain and the suffering.

My life turned over.

Picked back up.

And turned over again.

Couldn't be.

"I won't believe that."

He laughed.

"You still don't understand."

"You don't remember anything do you?"

"How this all started?"

Chapter 930


"It was all you."

His eyes burning with contempt.

"Now I ruin your life."

"Now we can be even."

He smirked.

His smirk.

His smirk filled my vision.

That was all I needed.

Chapter 931


He hadn't winced.
Not even a bit.

As his face became bloody pulp
under my trembling fists,
he kept on smiling, smirking, grinning.

No matter what I did,
I could not wipe off that expression.
I had lost.

My life.
I had lost it all.
He treated my life as a game.
And he won.
He ruined it all.

Anything I did now would
no longer...
no longer...
no longer be able to repair anything.
No longer be able to repay everything.

Chapter 932


My arms slacked and my strength left me.
Each punch grew slower, weaker,
until I stepped back, releasing him.

He was still smiling.

Til now, he was still smiling.

His nose was bloody,
his lip was cracked,
but he was still smiling.

"Did you enjoy that?"

He sneered.

"All you can do is hit things when you're angry,
whine like a child, but you can't change a thing."

Chapter 933


"Stop fucking around!"

"Stop messing around!"

"How could you have done that to us all?"

"Are you human?"

"How can you have done that to Aoi?"

"How can you have done that to Airu?"

He spat on the ground.

"Don't you mention Aoi's name."

"You never deserved her."

"You got what you deserved."

I threw him against the wall and raised my fist again.
It was the only thing I could do.

"If you wanted me, you deal with me.
Don't mess with anyone else."

"Too late, didn't I already do all that?"

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