Awakening ii

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Chapter 910


I remembered.

The last thing that happened,
before my eyes closed.
Before they opened again,
together in our room,
bare and disheveled.

He had said he would help us.


I gingerly nudged the door open.

She smiled and wrapped herself around me,
as if she had waited too long already.

I caught her.

"Hold on."

"What was the last thing you remembered?"

Chapter 911



She fumbled for an answer,
tendrils of memories escaped from her clutch.
Confusion clouded her eyes.


"Just think."

She must have noticed the frustration in my voice.


Suddenly her eyes grew wide.

"It was the drink. I was tired and just closed my eyes for a bit."

"Yes, the drink."

She stared hard at me, weighing my words.

"You can't mean..."

I grabbed her hand.

"It was that. Wasn't it?"

Chapter 912


"Takashi said your friend gave us some drinks and we passed out."



"Who told them..."

"Damn it."

She stopped in her tracks pulling me back.

We were at the door now.


She shook her head.
"Wait, aren't we just making things up now?"
"Are you sure it was that?"

I paused.

Was I being too impulsive?

How did I know?

I just had a feeling.

It was just a feeling.

Chapter 913


"Seiji, we can't just blame someone."

A wave of exasperation from her.

I let go of her hand.

"Maybe you're right..."

But, it was Akira.

If it was him.

If it was him.

Knowing him.

"I'm going to ask him."


"I'll go ask him first kay?"

"Don't go..." She pleaded.
"You guys will argue again."

"I'm okay with this, Seiji."
She wrapped her arms around my waist.
"I have no regrets...I'm completely yours now."

I hugged her back.
My thoughts disappearing into her embrace.

Chapter 914


She smiled a careful smile.
Half argument, half comfort.
Watching my reaction,
wondering if her touch
had done the trick.

I gave her a reassuring look.

"I'll be back."

She pouted with her candy lips.
Tempting my taste buds.

I swallowed her lips without hesitation,
too accustomed to feeding my desires for her,
fire leaping up from every little movement
between our ravenous, wrestling lips.

"Mmm." She said.
But no matter what she did,
my heart was not satisfied.

"I'll be back." I repeated.

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