End Game

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Chapter 691

End Game

Next morning, I woke up early,
from a dreamless, soundless sleep,
just as the sun peeked into our tents,
lighting the canvas into brilliant luminous colors.

To our dismay, clothes, sleeping bag and all were soaked.
Head to toe, I felt like I had come out of a swimming pool.

Spring dew was not to be trifled with.

Even the inside of the tent was dripping with condensation.

Fortunately, it was not too cold.

The temperature was rather forgiving for this time of the year.

This March, it felt almost like summer.

Chapter 692

End Game

As quick as my fatigued body could,
I clambered out of the tent,
to discover Airu and Akira outside already.

"Good morning." Airu smiled at me.

"Morning." I yawned, glancing from Akira to her.

She gave me a reassuring look to say everything was fine.
As always, she had read my mind.

"Here, thanks for the jacket."

My jacket was neatly folded in half,
as good as new.

"Are you warm enough?"

I questioned her thin sweatshirt.

She nodded.

Chapter 693

End Game

Akira was busying himself
with his tent now,
his back to us.

Tonight, we would be staying at a hotel in Osaka.

Of course, travellers must move on.

Nothing was permanent.

Not places,
not people,
not time.

Things were changing faster than they ever meant to be.

To accept the change is the only right path.

Chapter 694

End Game

Surprisingly, the remnant of the fire was still smouldering.
Under the spring dampness, struggling to stay alive.
Did it have the strength to become a fire again?

The possibility of that was close to zero.

Yet, a little disregarded cinder might be the cause of a wild forest fire.

Without much choice, I made sure to give it a firm stamping.

"What are you doing?" Takashi yawned behind me.

"It was still smouldering."

"Oh." He shrugged.

Behind me, I heard Airu cry out.

"Looks like someone needs help."
Takashi laughed.

Chapter 695

End Game

She was clutching her hand,
eyes narrowed in pain,
when I approached.

"I'll do it." I offered.

I saw a flicker of stubborn hope cross over her face.

Instead, I knelt down and took the tent poles from her.

"Gotta watch out for this piece."

She nodded.

I smiled. She was definitely different from anyone I've met.

In her eyes, I could see the undying determination,
a headstrong will to win all her fights.

Even if it was only a tent pole.

Chapter 696

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