Heaven or Hell

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Chapter 609

Heaven or Hell

Her hand in mine, we rushed to the front,
parting the crowds, were once again in the Red Sea.

Time to show off her new shirt.

With the rumble of voices all around and the hoarse shouts of the audience,
I could barely hear the band speaking.

Four of them stood on stage now.

Calling down wrath from heaven.

My eyes were then entranced by their tattooed arms.

Heaven or hell?

Chapter 610

Heaven or Hell

She jumped and cheered along with everyone else,
feet off the ground, her hair bouncing wildly,
with one hand still holding mine.

Seems like she had no intention to let go.

"You're crazy!" I shouted at her over the noise.

Laughing, I followed suit, trying to keep up.

The whine of their guitars was tremendously deafening.

There was no relent to their assault.

Heavy rhythmic riffs, distorted machines filling the earth,
powerful beats shattering my heart to pieces,
but most of all, the singer's song of gutwrenching emotion.

It was music of war.

Chapter 611

Heaven or Hell

This was unsurprisingly Airu's music.

Her soul was one that fought.

No matter what she went through.

Through the darkest valleys and storms.

Her presence had always inspired me to become stronger.

It made perfect sense to me.

The music, I didn't mind at all.

My body absorbed the rhythm and flowed naturally in it.

My head, my feet, my arms, all moving of their own accord.

Just like how she inspired me to keep moving.

I didn't even have a choice.

I grinned at her.

I understood even more now what she meant to me.

Chapter 612

Heaven or Hell

"So what do you think?" She yelled in my ear.

"Amazing." I smiled.

"I listen to them whenever I'm down." Her voice grew into a whisper.

"I can definitely see why."

I could barely understand what they were singing in English.

Yet at the same time, music transcended the language.

I understood their feelings. That was what mattered.

Their song coursed through my blood, like a drug.

And like a drug I felt like there was something I needed to do.

But what?

Chapter 613

Heaven or Hell

The singer was close to us now,
his microphone in a white knuckled grip,
crouching in a low stance just above our heads.
His black laceless Converse shoes I could nearly touch.

On the stage, his eyes met mine for a moment, as if issuing a challenge.


"Oh my god!" Airu was waving.

I laughed at her.

With his outstretched arm in a dramatic Shakespearean monologue,
the singer got on one knee and looked directly at Airu.

I stared in disbelief.

Airu froze.

"H-he's looking at me."

She whispered.

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