Winding Road

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Chapter 418

Winding Road

When I stepped out of the train station, the sun had disappeared,
the sky once again fading into a deep sapphire blue.

The February air became crisp and cool again,
a little cloud puff with every breath.

The world had returned to normal,
as if the train was a warp between different dimensions.

Yet, there was a growing flame inside of me,
refusing to be distinguished.

With each step I will fan the flame.

With each step I will move forward.

Chapter 419

Winding Road

I reached where I had intended to go.

It was the same as always before.

Quiet and forlorn. A forced peace.

But at least one person will never be abandoned.

Aoi, I'm here for you. Always.

I promised you I will be stronger, Aoi.

I've returned. I'm a bit different now.

You can depend on me.

Chapter 420

Winding Road

The hospital halls were quiet as usual,
hushed voices and soft echoing sounds.
The clean whites were stiff and menacing.

But with every step, my confidence grew.

It almost felt like I was a light in the muted darkness.

I was proud. Proud that Aoi was depending on me.

I won't let her down anymore.

Chapter 421

Winding Road

She was still sleeping soundly,
as if nothing in the world could disturb her.

Suspended in her own world,
she had placed all her hope in me.

I smiled at her as I took my usual spot beside her bed.

And as usual, her hand was warm and soft.

"I love you, Aoi."

"Today I learned something new."

"You can trust me now."

I watched her breathe, slowly, quietly, deeply.

Now, I knew she was sleeping in peace.

Chapter 422

Winding Road

In the stillness,
we have returned under
the tender embrace of
the stars, the moon.

The sound of Aoi's song,
tinkling softly through the air;
music notes borne on
our slow breathing.

Memories woven in time
were drifting around us
like strings that bind
our hands together.
Our souls together.
Our hearts together.

I used to loathe this place.

But in this place, untouched by the world outside,
was the precious moment where Aoi and I could meet.

Chapter 423

Winding Road

I wasn't sure when I had fallen asleep.

But slowly....

Suddenly I....

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