White Christmas

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Chapter 322

White Christmas

Christmas time came about quickly, as a raging storm of shopping, gift wrapping and parties.
Yet another year has past, and it wasn't about to slow down.
My Aoi was still in the hospital. How would we spend our Christmas this year?

Half-heartedly, I joined the shopping sprees and festive cheer, numbing myself with the holiday buzz.

Yet I knew that despite the Christmas lights and the reds or greens, the fire in my heart was snuffed out.
Christmas meant nothing to me.

And it would get worse.

Chapter 323

White Christmas


There was the clink of glasses and rumbling of laughter.

Everyone was bubbling with genuine smiles as we sipped our drinks.

I laughed along with them and spent my Christmas thus, in such a way.
I tried hard not to think, not to feel,
not to know that the more I drown in the Christmas air,
the more my heart aches.

Every Christmas for years there was someone who was always there for me.
This year I tried not think that it was any different.

My drink was cold and burned the back of my throat.

Chapter 324

White Christmas

I must have zoned out because I felt a nudge to my right.

"You okay?" Airu asked me.

There was a smile on my face when I replied. "Yeah. Kanpai."

Our glasses tinkled together.

"I'm here for you Seiji."

Somehow those words of such simplicity struck me speechless.
Then she gave me a soft smile. A knowing smile.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem."

Chapter 325

White Christmas

The night went on and on.

Soon the voices became a mumble as a warm hazy sleepiness settled in.

It was comfortable and made me forget about everything.

If only life could be suspended in such a state.

Then all would be well...

If only...

Chapter 326

White Christmas


There was a soft yellow-green glow of the hospital lights, hovering in the dark.

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