Burden For Two

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Chapter 277

Burden for Two

My cellphone suddenly erupted into song.

I groggily opened my sleepy eyes and glanced at the phone.

It was six thirty in the morning. Who could be calling this early?

"Moshi --"

"SEIJI!" I nearly leapt off my bed as the speaker screamed into my ear.

Keeping the phone far away from my ear, I gingerly answered with a feeble "Hai?"

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Six thirty. It's Saturday. Why are you calling so early?" It was Juria.

"Did you not tell me to wake you up?"

"Huh? I did?"

"Yes you did. We're waiting for you right outside your door."

Chapter 278

Burden for Two


I scrambled to the window, threw wide my curtains and sure enough, they were there.

The two of them waved at my window.

"Now if you don't hurry up, I will kick down your front door."


"Have you not had a taste of my karate before?"

It was unusual to see Juria threatening someone with violence.

But I knew about her karate. Last year, she placed first in the prefectural competitions.

"I'll be there in a minute!" I hastily ended the call before stumbling into the bathroom.

I finally remembered why I asked them to come get me.

Today was the first day of my job.

Chapter 279

Burden for Two

"That was actually quite quick!" Juria grinned at me.

We were all walking side by side now, our hands stuffed in our warm coat pockets.

It was getting rather chilly, as it was nearly the end of November. 
Little cloud puffs of air escaped our mouths as we breathed.

With the sky a light glaze of grey,
like a quiet blanket,
it was enough to make us
crawl back under the covers.
Even the birds were settling to find warmer places,
and mornings were now silent without much birdsong.

Winter was nearly upon us.

And Aoi, well, Aoi was still asleep.

Once again I had to ask,
Would she wake up in time for Christmas?

Chapter 280

Burden for Two

I sighed and let out a big cloud of steamy air.

Takashi was on one side, and Juria on the other.
The three of us were heading to the train station,
where we would take the JR line to Roppongi Hills.

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