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Chapter 224


I didn't move when she suddenly hugged me.

I hadn't expected it,
but yet in a way I knew this whole episode,
the minute we left the hospital
was a mistake.

The scent of her hair washed over me like a waft of fragrance .
Suddenly, my pain seemed to slip away,
her warm body
was shaking and crying
uncontrollably against my own.

Our damp bodies were suddenly craving for each other.
Then like they had a life of their own,
I felt my hands finding their way to her waist,
and then stroking her hair.

Both scared and tired, we were unknowingly safe and tight in each other's arms.

"T-t-thank you so much..." Her shaking, sobbing voice said in my ear.
"I was so scared..." Tears soaked my shirt.
"I was so scared you would be hurt." She swallowed.
"I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything!"

Chapter 225


I didn't know how this happened. My memories of the last half hour escaped me. It was unreal.

I sat there now, my arms around her, completely clueless.

I'm so sorry Aoi...

I knew I couldn't be forgiven.

Chapter 226


Maybe I missed Aoi's touch so much that I had become defenseless.

That it had driven me to insanity.

Chapter 227


Her hands drew soft lines on my back, I felt fire left where her fingers had been.

I felt her hot breath on my face, so close I could smell the gum she chewed.

Her moist lips drew closer and closer.
I felt my own move towards hers,
a burning desire for more.
Her mouth opened and her tongue nearly touched mine.

But I knew I would be swallowed up, if I let this continue.

Chapter 228



I pushed her away, and pried her hands off of my body.

She tried to hug me again.
"Why..." She nestled her head against my chest. "It's okay with me. You saved me..."

I grabbed her shoulders firmly and pushed her back.

What was she saying?

"That's enough."

She looked hurt.
And somehow there was a slight urge to hold her again.
I forced that thought out of my mind. How was that possible?

Have I fallen for her? I won't believe it.

Chapter 229


I didn't return to the hospital the next morning.

I felt dirty. I felt guilty. I couldn't see Aoi like this.

While Aoi was asleep, here I am tempted by someone else.

She would hate me.

She should hate me.

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