Birthday Wishes

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Chapter 118

Birthday Wishes

The sun was gentle today, a light airy wash of gold.

It was the start of a new week.
Time was passing for everyone at school
but Aoi was still asleep, suspended, motionless.

Aoi-chan, do you know your birthday is coming up?

I wasn't sure what to do or think of it.
My only wish was for her to wake up.
Maybe, just maybe, she might wake up in time for her birthday.
It was that same stubborn hope I had left.

I would wonder how long I can continue to hope, to hang on.

Aoi, what would you do?

Aoi, I'm scared one day I would stop waiting for you.
What would you do then?
Would you forgive me if I ever lose the strength to patiently wait on?

Kami-sama please help us hold on to our hope.


Chapter 119

Birthday Wishes

The gentle sun led the way of
elementary schoolchildren
down the road ahead of me.
Their uniforms prim and proper,
bowlcuts, ponytails and pigtails
bobbing up and down.

School was off early since there was a holiday the following day.

Surprisingly, I had decided to hang out with my friends at Yoyogi park.
They were astonished at the beginning,
as I was expected to head to the hospital as always.
But lately I've been quite tired with a severe lack of sleep.

I really needed a break.

I could only admit that Takashi was right.

Aoi wouldn't mind.. but I yet I could only feel guilty about leaving her behind.


Chapter 120

Birthday Wishes

"Oi!" I felt a slap on my shoulder and turned
to see a big grin plastered on my friend's face.


"Catch." he said.

My hands reached out enthusiastically
to receive a large full bodied acoustic guitar,
its weight solid against my body.
I stared at it for a bit, as if staring at an alien object.
I couldn't remember how long it has been since I last played a guitar.

The first few plucks were a pure ecstatic joy.
The sound vibrated through the air around me.
I could almost see the music notes floating.

I grinned at the familiar notes in the air.
My cheeks strained as if I hadn’t smiled in a long time.
For the first time, I could smile again.

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