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Chapter 71


“Seiji-kun, are you coming with us?”


He sighed and slapped me on the shoulder. “Well then, see you later.”

I merely gave a curt nod and slung my schoolbag over my shoulder. Then I turned and headed for home.

It has been three months. Summer vacation was over. The sun was no longer shining.

Everything seemed gray to me. A drab and dark gray.


Chapter 72


I saw my friends laughing and joking around.

Voiceless mouths,
opening and closing,
white teeth ear to ear.

High school students were finally back in school.
Somehow it was like the reuniting of families.

But I couldn’t help but completely drift off alone.
They told me I changed. Ever since that time.

I still remembered that night clearly.

It replayed in my mind like an reoccuring nightmare.

Aoi. My dear Aoi.


Chapter 73


As soon as I got home, instead of going inside as one might normally do, every day I would pull out my bike. I rushed to get on and pushed off down the street.

I could feel the refreshing wind on my face now.

Wait for me, Aoi. I’m coming.


Chapter 74


“Aoi-chan?” I said as I opened the sliding door to her room.

I didn’t hear her reply. Of course, I hadn’t expected to. Still, I can’t help but hold on to my stubborn hope. It was all I had left.

I set the fresh vase of flowers on the nighttable next to her bed. It was a weekly ritual. Fresh flowers every week. But a million flowers wouldn’t have been enough.

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