Last Memories

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Chapter 39

Last Memories

We were sitting side by side now,
under a tree, on a field of grass.
The breeze rustled the blades of grass,
the whole world, gently swaying.

Aoi had her head resting on my shoulder.
I gently touched her hair. She shifted under my touch.
We were on a hill peaceful and undisturbed,
looking over a large empty piece of land.

A JR train passed by beyond the field; we watched it slowly amble by.
It made no noise. Just moving silently, steadily.

Lately, we’ve been having many days like these.
In peace, with the comfort of one another.
No one can disturb us. It was our moment.

“Seii-chan…” I felt her lips move. “Can we sit here like this forever?”

I smiled.

There was a moment of comfortable silence.
Then I said softly,
“We’ll sit here till we turn into statues.
That way we’ll be together eternally won’t we.”

She giggled softly. “Mmm.” She murmured.

But I have yet to learn that peace isn’t eternal.


Chapter 40

Last Memories

"Here, try what I made."
An enthusiastic Aoi offered me a lunchbox, carefully wrapped.
Pink, purple cloth, tied into a little butterfly knot.

This really was the best. I couldn't complain.

I've enjoyed her cooking for a good two years.
Back in middle school they called us "mom" and "dad".
Pink or purple cloth, it hadn't mattered. It never did.
I would eat it in front of friends anyway.

She had told me before that she would cook for me every day
til the hair in our heads turned grey and fell out.
I laughed then, and told her not to cook if it would turn her hair grey.

She'll prepare food today too but she didn't say what it was.

I curiously opened the box to an assortment of colours.
Shrimp, squid, fish, everything arranged artistically and decoratively.
The magic of her delicate fingers.

"It's delicious.. as always." I told her with a grin after taking a bite.

I could only say that I was really lucky to have met her.

She was flawless.


Chapter 41

Last Memories

That night, I was waiting patiently outside her house.

I could see the lights inside, bright and jubilant.

For the first time, I decided to ask her out for dinner.
Somehow oddly enough, we have never done that before.

It seemed so much older than the us we knew to do that.
We’ve had lunches, breakfast, even dinners at our houses with family,
but a dinner in a fancy restaurant alone was a first.

I guess I decided it was part of those memorable moments that we should share this summer. Something we will never forget.

Little did I know, this was the last time we could share memories together like this.

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