What a Birthday

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Chapter 31

What A Birthday

"I’m glad you came. But you’re really too early."
She said. We were walking hand in hand away from the shrine.

"Early? Oh yeah.. I only got up to the first clue in the mailbox."

She looked worried for a second. "Did you get up on the roof?"

Were those clues supposed to lead to the roof so I could see the cake?

"Yeah, I was told that you were on the roof at first." I smiled at her.
"Yes, I saw the cake…." I added.

She grinned in reply.

“It was beautiful."

She stopped and turned to me. "There's something I should give you."

She put her hands in her pocket and came out with my gift.

It was wrapped neatly in box.
She presented it with both hands, shyly.
"Hope you’ll like it."

I smiled.
I took it and cradled it on my palm.

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what you give me…
being with you is the best gift already.”

I paused and then with a tone of seriousness,
“I promise you, I will never leave your side. I’ll protect you.”

I think she blushed.


Chapter 32

What A Birthday

I peeked inside the wrapping.

Sitting in the middle
on a silky cushion was another box,
a tiny wooden cube.

Engraved on the top were two surnames, Narimiya and Uchida.
I let my eyes take in the box.
Somehow, I was mesmerized by it’s simplicity.
But mysterious power resonated from it.

I glanced at her hesitantly.
Her eyes looked up at me curiously,
waiting to see my reaction.

“Open it.” She said softly.

I reached inside.
I think I knew what it was.
And I knew it would be something to cherish.


Chapter 33

What A Birthday

It’s song floated around us,
a gentle touch speaking soft words to our hearts.
I could once again feel the emotions
that Aoi always could give me,
the overwhelming happiness,
the peace and comfort,
a hint of playfulness,
full of tender love.

I was swept away into a land of dreams,
a perfect world, a peace that never shatters.
Hand in hand, our souls dancing on the light breeze of music.

I couldn’t help but smile.
It sweetly sang to me a song in Aoi’s voice.

“It’s a song I wrote on the piano.”

“The one I was working on.”

She told me softly.

"Yes, I remember."

“I put it in this music box so you’ll be able to hear it all the time.”

I smiled. "Thanks. It's definitely your song.
"Why didn’t you play it for me earlier? It’s beautiful.”
I gave her a hug. “It reminds me of you.”

She gave me a quirky smile, against my chest.
“I wanted it to be a surprise."

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