“Sleepy Sarah wake up” I groan and I roll over.

“SARAH GET YOUR ASS UP!” I get flipped off my bed. Whoever did this will die in a pool full of peanut butter.


I scream as I jump up. “One direction is in town!” OH NO! Jessie is in love with one direction, I on the other hand know what good music is. “oMg Jessie we should totally sneak into their tour bus” I sarcastically say.

Knowing her she will think I was serious. 

HA “Well that’s why I’m here Sarah.” She gives me her innocent eyes.

“Oh no I am not sneaking into a tour bus with the 5 guys that I hate” I walk downstairs and I grab gummy bears.

“If you go with me I will buy you a huge bag of gummy bears ever day till i turn 22.” That’s 4 years of gummy bears!!!!!!!

“OK but you have to get me the jumbo packs” she laughs. I'm serious about my gummy bears, my iPod, and food.

“Well get ready so we can leave” I shuffle upstairs and I put on my black leggings, white converse, and my black grumpy cat shirt. I walk downstairs to find Jessie eating my gummy bears.

“YOU ARE GONNA DIE TODAY” I scream as she runs outside. I grab my iPod, phone and gummy bears as I run after her.

“Please Sarah I’m sorry” nobody eats my babies and gets away with it. We ran about a mile until I stopped. “Ok you only have one more chance and then you get me” she nods “Ok right there it is.”

She points to a bus that’s surrounded by security guards. “Maybe it would be easier to break into a McDonalds” I try to walk away but she pulls me towards it. “Ok Sarah you climb the fence and help me up.

” I roll my eyes as I use my ninja skills to get up the fence. I pull Jessie up. “Ok now what” I look down and there is a trash bin “ jump” she pushes me and I cling to the side of the bus as she jumps.

“If I die tell my gummy bears and food I love them!” she pulls me up and we both sit on the roof of the bus.

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