Black Water (Chapter 8)

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I was one of the first people to reach the classroom despite the canteen being closer. I took my seat, placing my bag on the seat next to me hoping it would put Mr Davies off of placing a certain new kid next to me. It didn't take long for the rest of my friends to come in, walking in a large rabble chatting to each other. I instantly felt better, as they sat on the surrounding tables.

"Feeling better?" Elle asked as she sat on the table opposite to me. She swung her legs backwards and forwards, in her pale blue jeans, which I noticed were Gucci. Elle's family where ridiculously rich, important and powerful, she told me it had nothing to do with the fact they were witches and could perform super duper magic spells.

I smiled at her, hoping only happy vibes where going through. "Perfectly better. Thanks"

"That's Great, because we're all looking forward for the rematch." She said.


"Fencing is every Wednesday and Thursday this year. Can you take a guess of what day it is today?" Elle laughed and I groaned. Last year it was Wednesday and Fridays. So unfortunately today wasn't a day of rest. Sport is an important part of Elton Cattrell; at least that's what the brochure says. We have two lessons of fencing every week, two lessons of swimming as well as being required to spend half a Saturday and one lesson a week doing a sport of our choice. My friends and I excluding Cameron chose hiking as it meant we could all go for a walk without having to do too much exercise. Freaks like Cameron chose football or soccer or basketball, things that require effort. Cameron being an extra special freak does sport after lessons end as well, which of course is just plain weird.

"So most of us are hoping that Jarred will kick your butt again," Kayla said joining into the conversation.

"Shouldn't you guys be supporting me?" I asked.

"Well I would but there was that time you beat me twenty nil in fencing," Kayla conceded. I raised my eyebrows at her, but she just shrugged in a half careless half sorry kind of way.

"And I would but I'm holding a grudge because you broke my hairbrush when we were eight," Darcy shouted from her table where she was talking to some other girls. I looked to Elle waiting for her reason.

"I'm doing it purely on how attractive the opponents are, and no offence Ali but Jarred is more attractive to me then you are," Elle explained.

"Great, some friends you lot are," I laughed, kicking Elle in the leg in a playful way. A familiar arm slide around my waist, and I knew that it was Cameron.

"I'll join team Ali..." He said.

"Thank you Cameron" I said too soon.

"...For a price" he continued and I groaned somehow I could guess what he was going to ask for. "Give us a kiss and be on your side for ever more."

I laughed and hopped down from the table letting his arm drop back to his side. "Has that line ever worked before?" I asked him.

"As a matter of fact..." Cameron began, but I held my hand up.

"I really don't want to know the whole story. Besides I have you on my side for ever more anyway." I said.

Cameron folded his arms, "Oh, really. How may I ask?" He said.

"Because if you don't I shall be forced to tell everyone the story of the time you got stuck in the girl's bathroom." I said, laughing as his face fell to fake horror.

"You wouldn't?" He gasped, even though everybody already knew the story or were there.

"Oh, I would," I joked before pushing him off of my table and sitting down on to my own chair.

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