Dirty/Romance - Harry Reqested

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I didn't know your name so it is: Y/N

You walked into your house aftar a long day at work. When you step in to your apartment you see roses ' everywhere. You walk upstairs to see Harry lying in your bed in a black suit and a rose in his hand. You smile and moving over to him sitting in the bed with him.

"And, why did yo do this?" You asked him.

"Hmm.. I love you?" He answered with a smirk.

"Oh, i didn't even think about that!" I said sarcastic

He moved closer to you and kissed you. You kissed him back and holded his neck. He moved away from you and smiled. He stood up infront of you .

"Babe, I love you. I love you more than i have loved anything in the world. The day we met must have been the best day of my life..." He said. He took your hand and kneeled. You put your other hand up to your mouth holding in a scream. "Y/N Will you marry me?" A shiver streamed through your body. You stood up with tears in your eyes.

"YES!! Of course i will!!!" You screamed and hugged him. He had a smile on his lips that you've never seen before. He kissed you and holded his hands on your waist. You slowly sad down on your bed and laid down still kissing. You rolled over so you was on top of him. He took of your top and your jeans. You took of his suit. You both where making out in only  underwears. He took of your bra massage your boobs. You moan out rubbing his croatch. You start making out again. 

"Wait, wait, wait.." He suddently said

"What?" You asked stopping.

"I just gonna make a pee-pee" He said running out to the toilet. You chuckled. You decided to make him a little happy. You knew that he liked when you touched yourself, so you laid down on the bed starting to touch your clit. 

"Oh.. Harry, Yeah!!" You moan out loud. Harry stepped into the room.

"Oh babe, you know that drives me crazy" He said and removed your panties completly. Without warning he putted a finger inside you pumping it in and out fast. 

"OH!! HARRY! OMG I'M CLOSE" You screamed out loud. He took the finger out and start licking it clean. You moved closer to him and took his boxers down. His big member slapped up to his belly. You licked the tip making him moan.

"Stop.. Stop teasing" He said. You then bobbed your all down his shaft. 

"OMG!! Y/N!!" He screamed out. He the  took my head up before he was cumming. He rolled over so he was on top of you. You maked out againt. You could feel his member rubbing your clit making you moan into the kiss. He then got in the position.

"You ready babe?" He asked.

"I was born ready" You chuckled. He then got in you moaning. You kept rocking and the room was now filled with moaning. He hit your G-Spot making you scream.

"OMG!! HARRY I'M CLOSE!!!" You sreamed out loud.

"Me to babe, me to!!"  He moaned.

"1... 2... 3 CUM!!" He screamed as both of you cummed and collasped.

"Thank you.." He said

"For what?"

"Saying yes" He answered..