Chapter 4

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Cameron's P.O.V

Once I left jacks room I went down stairs to get the girl, whatever her name is some food.

You don't usually get your hostages food do you? is she my hostage? Oh who fucking cares.

I went back up to jacks room and saw her looking at all of jacks stuff.

"Here's some food" I say suddenly making her jump away from what she was looking at

"Thank you" she mumbles. I leave it On Jack's mini couch and shut the door behind me.

I walk down stairs and get my phone out.

About 5 minutes pass and then I hear all the boys come in.

a few "hey" and hi's" come from the boys as they walk into the house and sit in the sofas that line the bare walls.

"Yo jack"


"You know that girl, who saw everything?"



"Oh don't tell me you banged her already?" He asked causing everyone and myself to laugh because it is something I would do.

"No, I probably won't either" she's not really my type.
"I was just gonna say that she is staying in your room for a few days".

I hear him grunt slightly but just ignore him. It's not like he'll go against what I say.

"Ugh fine" he huffs out, he knows butter than to argue with me.

Katie's P.O.V

I have been in this room for about 20 minutes before I hear someone walk in. I turn my head to see someone new.

I don't know who it is. I become very nervous and I think he notices because he chuckles and shakes his head.

He comes over to me and gets a bit too close for comfort so I back up a bit.

"Hi, I'm jack"

"Hi" I say simply turning my head away.

"I guess you have to stay I my room for a few days"

"Oh, ok" why I really don't want to be here, I just want to go home. But I highly doubt they will let me go home any time soon.

"You can sleep on the couch" he says motioning to the sofa in his room at the end of his bed. I make my way to it and sit down, looking at my lap.

"I will try to keep Cameron away from you" jack tells me.

"Thanks" I really don't want to be anywhere near that guy, I don't really want to be near any of them to be honest but I guess I have to be near jack for a few days.

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