Chapter 43

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"Lets go!" Megan blurted out. I pulled open the front door and looked out into the street. "There are still a few zombies out there, but I can take them." I showed off. We all strutted towards the first zombie. I pulled out my sword and swung it left to right. "I wondered where that sword had gone to!" Mum shouted. "Keep it down! They're going to come for us!" I whispered.

"Look!" Leighanna yelled. "The bus!"

Everyone followed me and Leighanna over to it. "Quick everyone in!" I said panicking as three biters came at us. Everyone was in and Mum was driving to the school.

"I was thinking... we never really gave the things a name. What about biters?" I asked. "I don't really care what they're called as long as they don't hurt me!" Francesca said. "Biters sounds good!" Leighanna mentioned. "Good, then that's what we will call the ugly creatures. Biters!" I said thinking of a Hollywood movie.

(Charlotte's POV)

I started to feel my stomach rumbling again. I got out a tin of custard and started to eat it. "Charlotte you have just eaten... haven't you?" Sara asked. "I know but I feel really sick again." I replied. "Maybe you just have a stomach bug..." Sara accused.

I didn't believe a word that anyone was saying... I knew that something was wrong.

(Connor's POV)

I was looking around from the bus window. "Guys, where are all the biters?" I asked. "I was just about to say that, it seems like a biter ghost town." Megan replied. "Mummy, my eye hurts!" Lauren whined. "Let me have a look." Sara replied. I saw Sara kneel down as she took a look at Laurens eye. "It's fine Hun!" Sara said. Sara got up and whispered something to Alfie. She then smiled at Lauren.

(Sara's POV)

I really don't like the look of Laurens eye. It is bright red and is turning Green around the outside. Hopefully Alfie will take a look at it since he said, back in America, that he had a medicine degree.

(Tiffany's POV)

I looked around at everyone's depressed faces and I cant take it anymore. I need to leave before I put my kids in danger of seeing me kill. Its like I have an addiction ever since me and Lilly killed Mario...

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