Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 4, Watch out!

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Hanabusa snached his jacket off the rack. "We have to go see him!" Ruka followed closely behind him. Kaname grabbed his jacket and started walking out the door whilst Yuki stayed rooted to the spot. When Kaname realised Yuki wasnt going to move, he stopped. "Whats wrong Yuki, why arnt you comming?" Yuki's eyes stayed fixed to the floor. "Takuma is one of your close friends, isnt he? So how could you go and see him if he is barely hanging on to life?" There was silence for a few seconds, then Kaname spoke. "If he is one of my true friends, then i would want to go and comfort him, wouldn't I?" Yuki's eye's met Kaname's. "I guess your right." Kaname realised that Yuki didn't want to go and see Takuma in such a state. "We can stay here if you like, Yuki. I can go and see him another time." Yuki shook her head. "No Kaname, im just being selfish again. You go and see him. I'll stay here and wait for you." Yuki's eyes trailed to the floor. She knew  that Kaname didn't like this idea. "And leave you alone here? I would never do such a thing to you Yuki." Yuki closed her eyes in anger. "Im not a child anymore Kaname. I can look after myself! I dont need you to protect me all the time!" Yuki's shouting didnt fase Kaname. "Yuki..." Yuki raised her head and looked Kaname in the eyes. "Please Kaname! I just want some freedom! I have been a gaurdian at Cross academy for most of my life, i can handle vampires." Kaname sighed. "Yuki, you dont realise how dangerous vampires can get, especially level E's." Yuki stood her ground. "I did face Redo, didn't I?" Kaname put his hand on his face. "Ok, you can stay here. I will leave the phone with you. If you are in trouble or even feel worried in the slightest, dont hesitate to call me." Yuki smiled. "I will." Kaname wore a worried expression as he closed the door shut behind him. "Where's Yuki?" Hanabusa was concerned. "She's chosen to stay behind." Ruka stood up. "I will stay with her if you would like me to, Kaname." Kaname stood in silence for a few seconds. "Ruka, i would like it if you stayed behind and watched over the house from a safe distance." Ruka Bowed and ran off.

Hanabusa and Kaname arrived at the hospital. They were lead to a small waiting room at the entrance where they saw Senri, Rima and Aukatski. The three of them immediatly stood up and bowed. "Lord Kaname, what a surprise. I guess you heard the news also?" Kaname sat down on the nearest seat. "Yes i did. Im sorry to hear he is in such a state, but i am pleased that he is still alive." Rima noticed something missing. "Where's Yuki?" Kaname ran his hand through his hair as he spoke. "She decided to stay back at the mansion but i have Ruka gaurding the house so she'll be fine." Everyone took their seats patiently waiting to go and visit Takuma. "I wonder how bad the injuries are?" Senri was desiding whether he'd made the right decision. "Well, they did say he was barely hanging on." Hanabusa replied in a worried tone. A nurse suddenly walked into the waiting room. "Takuma is ready to see you now. He has very bad injuries though so please dont touch him." The nurse guided them into the room. Takuma lay paralised on a small bed with all diffrent drips and tubes comming out of him. "He has two broken arms, a broken right leg, three fractured ribs, a rupted artery and a crack to his skull. We are unsure at this point if he will survive or not." The nurse left them all standing in shock. Hanabusa went over and sat down in the chair placed next to the bed. "Takuma..." His eyes welled with tears. Rima and Senri stood their paralised still taking in what had just been said. Aukaski went to go comfort the weeping Hanabusa and Kaname stood their silently with a blank expression. They all stayed like this for a long time.

Yuki was pleased. She could finaly be by herself without Kaname watching her every move. Allthough she had this freedom, she knew very well that she should had to stay on gaurd. I better start posting the invitations. Yuki walked over to the table where a stack of invatations lay neatly in a pile. There's alot there! I better write Kaname a note incase im not back in time. Yuki walked to the window where the pens lay in a cup. Whilst fiddling with the pens, something caught her eye outside. It was in the tree. She tried to focus on it until she could make out what the figure was. It was Ruka. Ruka? Why would she.... oh. Kaname left her here! Why can't he trust me! I can take care of myself. Yuki grabbed the cup and smashed it on the ground in rage. The glass shattered, some bouncing up and hitting Yuki. She couldn't believe that Kaname didn't trust her. Yuki picked up the invitations and her bag and sneeked out the back door, not bothering to write a letter or to bring her phone. She managed to make it past Ruka and once she did, there was no stopping her. She sprinted off in the distance, thinking of how angry she was at Kaname. Yuki stopped at the first wooden bench to catch her breath. She untied the Invitations and read the first one out. " Kaien Cross." Yuki thought it was time she paid him a visit anyway, it had been weeks scince she last saw him. She shoved the rest of the invitations into her bag and started off again. She eventually reached Cross Academy but when she reached the front gates she froze. What if i see Zero? What if people see me and question me about why im not here anymore? Yuki looked to her right and saw the letterbox. She slipped the invitation into the letterbox along with Sayori's. She regreted not being able to see her father but she couldn't risk it. The invitations suddenly slipped from her bag and scattered onto the footpath. Yuki got on her hands and knees and started to pick them up. A girl passing by saw he and walked over to offer her help. Yuki saw the shadow of this girl and dropped the invitations she was collecting to get into her defencive position. The girl took a step back. "Im not going to hurt you, i just thought you'd might like a hand." Yuki studied the girl, staring at her shoes. She was wearing black lace up shoes with knee high stockings and a school uniform. Her long, silver hair reached the middle of her back. Yuki the looked up at her eyes. They were a beautiful enchanting aquatic blue. Yuki couldn't take her own eyes away from them. She was mesmorised. "Are you sure you dont need my help?" The young girl seemed innocent enough, and she wasnt carring any wepons, just books. "Sorry i threatened you, yes i would like some help." The girl placed her books on the ground behind her and got on her hands and knees to help. The girl helped Yuki pack the invitations into her bag. "Im Chiyo." The girl smiled at Yuki. "Nice to meet you, Chiyo. Im Yuki. Thank you for all of your help, i appreciate it." Yuki smiled. "Hey, do you need any help with handing out those invitations? I have just finished classes for the day and have nothing else to do." Yuki was weary but the girl seem to be as much of a threat to her as an ant is to a lion. "If you don't mind, then i'd like the company." The girl kept smiling and took half of the invitations from Yuki's bag.

Kaname and Hanabusa arrived back at the mansion. Hanabusa spotted Ruka in the tree watching the house like a hawk. Kaname prompted him to keep walking while he went to releive her. Ruka didn't take her eyes off the house. "Ruka, thank-you for gaurding the house. I felt much happier with you watching over Yuki for me." Ruka smiled as Kaname gave her a hand down. Before Ruka could speak, Hanabusa came running towards them. "Kaname... Kaname!" Hanabusa caught his breath. "What is it, hanabusa?" Ruka suddenly felt ill as if something had gone wrong. "It's Yuki.. She's gone!" Kaname closed his eyes and made his hands into fists. "I knew this would happen!" Kaname turned and ran for the house 

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