Kiss In The Rain

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Raindrops falling from the sky,

And your singing with a sweet lullaby,

Lullaby saying that you love me no matter how,

Even if others will break us now.

I did not believe what you said that much you knew,

So I merely turned and walked away; leaving you

But you followed me and hugged me tight,

And you give me a kiss that is so sweet, tender and mild.

I was hypnotized with your passionate kiss,

But I closed my eyes and started crying,

And I found myself running away from you,

Until I was gone and never seen you.

Few days later you talked to me,

And you said that you will always love me,

But I replied we wil  never be,

Because it is against reality.

You walked away with tears in your eyes,

And my heart was broken with those cries,

I'm wishing this is not goodbye,

Because I will always love you till I die.

Until I realize, I will fight my love for you,

And no matter how I will always be there for you,

Ignoring people on what they told me,

Even though it's you and me against this ironic reality.

But now it is over,

Because you leave me and I suffer,

You died because of BRAIN CANCER

Saying my name and crying until it's over.

Now I'm here standing under the tree,

Raindrops falling from the sky,

And listening to your sweet lullaby,

And reminiscing your sweet smile.

Now I am standing here; pleading with someone to turn back the time,

To go back to the period where the only thing that mattered was you were all mine.

If I had one moment to extinguish all this pain,

I would wrap you in my arms and  kiss you in the rain.

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