join your crew?

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i woke up on a ship. It was kinda small but big enough for a small amout of people. I sat up and. Sharp pain jolted in my stomach. I winced and looked down. Right, i saved that stupid moss head. My stomach started to rumbled and i relized i havent eatin in a while. I got up, despite the pain, and walked outside the room i was in. I looked around and found mosshead leaning against the wall of the ship sleeping. I walked up to him and bent down.

"hey, where am i?"
"wha-?" he looked up and saw me."oh ya. We are on the go merry, my ship."
"im hungry. Your ship have a cook?"
"yeah in there." he pointed to a wooden door.
I stood there waiting.
"what?" he asked.
I narrowed my eyes and said " i just saved you from the marines and in the prosses i almost died."
"tch. thanks."
I smiled "your welcome!"

I started walking twords the door but stopped when some guy with a straw hat stopped right in front of me

"hey you! Whats your name?" he asked.
"(y/n). What about you strawhat?"
"Luffy and im gunna be king of the pirates! I need only the best crew for my ship!"
"yeah?" i sail unamused. I was to hungry. I tried to slip passed him but he stopped me.
"whats the big idea!"
"will you join my crew?"
"join your crew?"

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