Ch. 1: The Furss Night

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(( A/N. I forgot to mention; they're not dating at this point. ))

Markiplier giggled as he stared at Sean from across the airport. He was so cute with his lanky body and wondering eyes.
Feeling his heart beat faster, he stepped closer to the hoard waiting for their beloved arrivals.
Jack saw him suddenly and grinned wider than the Cheshire cat. That in itself made Mark suddenly breathless. He waved with vigor; staring at the Irishman's cute little skip towards him.

As soon as Jack was past the queue, the American pounced. Sean cried out in surprise and held the fellow youtuber tightly.
"I'm so excited to see you!"
" I know!" Jack squealed, "You nearly knocked me over!" he smiled wider now, "I'm glad to see you too!"
Mark peeled himself away from Sean and straightened his shirt.
'What a way to keep your cool...' Mark silently berated himself.
Jack blinked at him innocently. "Hey, i gotta grab my luggage. Come?"

They both stepped into line towards the large conveyer belt and found a spot to watch them roll around.
Fischbach cleared his throat; "How have you been?"
Jack sighed; "I've been pretty awesome actually. I couldn't get myself to sleep on the plane so sorry if i don't seem as fookin excited as i actually am."
Mark licked his lip. "I understand. I'll take you straight to mine so you can sleep?"
Sean grinned and threw an arm around his shoulders. "Thanks Markimoo..."
"It's nothing too major, but i only have one bed and it's...."
"8:30? I stared at the time the whole way here. I was SO excited to be coming back to L.A."
Scarily enough, Sean was spot on the time.
Mark tried to suppress bed-sharing thoughts.

They chatted about YouTube and their channel on the way back to the American's apartment. Arriving and getting through the door; Sean squealed; reminding Mark that this was the first time he'd been over.
"I am SO fookin jealous of your staircase..." Sean moaned. He then plopped his bags down and skipped up the spiral.
Mark watched him; imagining his eyes becoming those comical beating hearts.
Jack came back down with the same jumping excitement. "You should let me live here; this is awesome!"
'If only...' Mark internally sighed.

He encouraged the Irishman for a quick shower before taking his own. Jack wasn't in bed when he came out though; only wrapped in a towel. Rather, he found Sean staring at something on his wall. It was his own 1 million subscriber present from YouTube.
"I only got mine two weeks ago." Sean yawned sleepily.
"It's such a proud moment isn't it?" Mark laughed. "I'm proud of you. And us."Jack wriggled under the covers as he listened. A soft smile crept up on his features. "I'm so happy. Come now, I'm sleepy."

Mark obeyed and slid under the covers before subtly pressing closer to his friend's body. "It actually gets kinda cold at night in L.A," he half lied.
His fingers were mere millimetres from Sean's shoulders.
"Well cuddle up then. What clothes do you sleep in usually?"
"Gaming uniform, minus everything," Mark slid off his shirt. "Do you mind me taking this off?"
Sean chuckled, "T's nothing i haven't seen from yer channel."
"True... I've seen your instagram..."
Jack screeched; "Shirts' coming off!"
Sean threw his shirt away and wriggled backwards.
"You're letting the cold air in!"
"Shootap, tryna stay warm!"

Finally, and successfully, in a cuddling position; Mark wrapped an arm around Jack's waist. He silently thanked himself for leaving a window open.
"We can talk for a little while, i never fall asleep straight away anyway." The irish accent whispered. Mark hummed; "Well, uhh... We could talk about doing a collab? We have some spare hours tomorrow before we head to the hotel...?"
"Ooh! The fans would love that! Gettin' the old Septiplier on, eh?" Sean nudged him in the side.
Mark chuckled softly and let himself nuzzle into Sean's shoulder. "Of course."
They then both fell into a peaceful sleep; broken only by soft little snores by the pair.

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