Chapter four : Discovering Secrets & a Quest to Hell.

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The Diary of an Angel

Chapter four : Discovering Secrets & a Quest to Hell.

A Thursday in February 2010

Today Karvain and I discovered a horrible fact! We’re not supposed to know, all what I’m about to tell you is a secret. We only found out because … well … so okay maybe we sort of spied on some Seraphim. But I swear that it was not on purpose we just overheard them talking. Though the fact that Karvain had her ear against the door dis help.

So, the big secret, like I told you last time Gabrielle was nowhere to be found. We thought that one of the cherubim had sent him away, on business or something like that, but no he’s like really gone. He’s in Hell! It appeared that demons he captured him. They brought him to the Devil, Lucifer, and now he serves as his prisoner.

And so me, Karvain and Aranis are planning a mission, to Hell! So we can save Gabrielle. Is that not too dangerous, you may ask. Well of course, bur someone has to do it. And let’s face it if we have to wait till the cherubim act on it then we can better start planning the funeral. Anyway, this mission is a serious matter. We’ll need to take a lot of risks to succeed, but for Gabrielle we would do everything and more! 


A Friday in February 2010

We had to make a lot of preparations for this mission and now, we’re ready! Or at least we hope that we are. Ready to enter trough the gates of hell.

We are wearing costumes that make us appear like demons. Even our wings are covered; they now have the same texture and appearance as a bat. It’s the only way we’ll obtain passage through the gates of Hell.

As we flew to the gates of Hell hope and courage were our only allies. We knew that once we entered those gates we would be completely on our own. We have survived a lot of adventures together, but if we succeed and survive this one, then it will become our greatest!

Hell is a horrible place. I know that’s something to be expected but still. For us angels it’s even worse. All the demons we once fought back on earth are here and now we are the intruders.

Finding Gabrielle was our biggest concern.  Something that occurred to be a lot simpler than we originally thought it to be. All the demons were like hyper exited about the fact that they had succeeded in capturing an archangel. So they were wiling to tell everyone, who hadn’t heard about it jet, were to find him.

It appeared that Gabrielle was held in the castle of the devil himself, Lucifer! If their would be a place you never wish to be, it would be that place. It is said in the old stories, about the wars and stuff, that his castle is decorated with the wings of angels he has captured and tortured to death.

The idea to go near that place has me frightened to death. But for Gabrielle I will go! And so will Karvain and Arinis. Because we swore an oath to stop at nothing to save him!

In the devils castle we found Gabrielle rather quickly. He was imprisoned in a cage underneath the floor wish appeared to be like an impenetrable glass window. We could see him, but couldn’t get to him. He was surrounded by horrible demons. And it appeared that he was badly injured.

Luckily Karvain found a place that served as a door. Once inside his glass-cage, we took Gabrielle and told the other demons that Lucifer had ordered us to bring Gabrielle to him, because he wanted to see him. Once we were allowed to take him with us, we had to find a place were we could disguise Gabrielle. Because there was no way in Hell -literally- that we would be allowed tot take Gabrielle, looking like himself, trough those horrible gates. But because of his injuries we had to practically drag Gabrielle with us. Something that brought a lot of attention to our actions and woke some suspicion.

So I did the one thing (I hoped) that could save the others. I sacralised myself and stayed behind to fight of the suspicious demons, who tried to attack Karvain, Arinis and Gabrielle. Once I was sure they had passed safely trough the gates, I tried to fight my own way out, but by that time news had spread that their was an intruder and that the archangel had disappeared. So once the Devil heard of the disappearance of Gabrielle, he himself came to fight me. And with all the want in the world there was no way that a lower classed angel as myself could win a fight against the Devil. So with a battle lost before it had even started I dropped my sword and surrendered. I was immediately captured by one of the demons. But this one was different from all the others I had ever seen before. This one had wings made of feathers, pitch black feathers. I had never before led eye on sush a creature, one so dark and sad all in once. Of course I had heard about his kind, in the stories our teachers had told us. He was a Doomed Demon, he was cured by fate to live in Hell. He took me with him and chained me in a cage somewhere in the lower levels of the Devils castle.

So imprisoned by chains in a cage in Hell I hold no regrets, because I know that my friends are safe because of me. And I know or sure that they’ll do whatever is in their power to come and help me escape from this dark prison!



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