GazettE is Bored! part 1

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Ruki: Reitaaaaaaa I'm booooooooooredddd!

Reita: Well, *flips magazine page* what do you want me to do about it hm?

Aoi: *from across the room* Hehe, Reita is not amused.

Reita: *to Aoi* Shut up.

Ruki: Reiiiiiiitaaaaaaaa! Boooooorrrrrrreddddd!

Kai: *walks into the living room barely awake from his nap.* *Yawns* Reita, he isn't gonna stop till you entertain him...

Reita: Whaaaa I have to entertain him? How am I supposed to do that?!

Aoi: *looks to the ceiling musing to himself* Will Reita ever be amused?

Ruki: Reeeeiiiitaaaa... *gives him a death glare* Amuse me *he ordered*

Reita: *looks afraid* N-no way! Kai! Make some food fast so he can shove it into his mouth, maybe he'll shut up!

Uruha: *looks up from PsP* Harsh man.

Ruki: *sniffs* Rei-chan is being *sniff* mean.

Reita: *sighs and takes off noseband and ties it around his eyes* Fine then, I'll go attempt to cook something blindfolded. Is that enough?

Ruki: Heh maybe ^3^

Reita: Wha?

Aoi: Good luck! *says sarcastically*

Note~ I know these are short but they aren't my main thing so please bear with the crappyness for a bit? There are parts to look forward to though ^^;

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