Dirty justin: leah

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You look back at the tv and sigh you wish Justin were here, he had just left two days ago to go on a mini tour in some nearby towns. While u were left alone in his huge house. Justin always insists that you stay at his house when ever he's gone so he knows your somewhere safe he has to be worlds best boyfriend.

You were startled out of you day dream when your phone went off. You couldn't help but smile as you saw it was a txt from Justin.

Justin: "hey beautiful"

You: "hey :)"

Justin: "what are you up to I miss you lots babe and your sexy ass"

You: "just watching some tv lol and thinking about you"

Justin: "yah I've been thing of you to we'll mainly the things I'm gonna do I you when I get back ;)"

You laugh at his last text because you can tell how horny he is, witch was making you hot to.

Justin: "damn babe I wish I could be there with you"

You: "same here my body yearns for yours"

Justin: "so you want me bad don't you?"

You: "of course"

Just then you herd a knock at the door that made you jump a lil. As you got up you though Justin wasn't expecting company. When you open the door all you see is a dark figure in the night sky but once the moonlight catches his face u Betsy in to a happy giggly fit.

"But I thought u were gone"

"Yah but the mini tour got canceled because the weather is going to get bad"

Oh was all you got out before his lips crashed into yours. You instantly kissed back moving your lips in sync. Justin traced his tongue across you bottom lip asking for entrance, you let him in and fought for dominance with your tongues. You lousing as always.

"Let's take this up stairs?" Justin asked

All you could do was smile and nod.

Within a matter of seconds u and Justin were both naked. He pulled you to the bottom of the bed and opened you legs wide. He could tell u were wet and wanted him bad so of course he teased you. You began bucking your hips as you felt Justin's got breath on your wet pussy

"Haha babe what's the matter?" Justin asked while kissing your inner thighs.

You gave him that o I'm gonna get you back look and he let out a light chuckle than began to eat you out. He was driving you wild as his tongue did circles around your clit and darting in and out of you pussy. He kept bringing you to your climax then stopping over and over until you just couldn't take it. Then he positioned himself at you entrance and trusted himself in. The room then filled with heavy breathing and Loud moans and grunts.

"Fuck Leah your so tight"

Justin speed up his thrust going deeper and harder hitting your G-spot

every time.

"Justin I'm- gonna"

"I-I-I know me to"

Then you two climaxed and rolled over breathless but out off the corner of your eye you could see Justin getting hard again, so you took this opportunity to get back at him for teasing you. So you lean over and brush your thumb over the tip, as you do so you here Justin let out a small moan. You then bend down and trace circles around the tip and fallow the vanes in his shaft with your tongue.

"Shit Leah don't tease me"

You then take his full length in your mouth and Bob your head up and down in his lap taking him to the edg of his climax. Then you stop kiss him on the cheek and go into the bathroom to wash up with a smile on your face, leaving him there naked on the edge of the bed with a confused look on his face.

A/N: thx so much for reading!!!!!:) I'm new to his whole thing so plz if you have tips or wanna be in a story plz comment

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