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This is an Aonung x oc . I'll post either every day or every two days . I hope you enjoy this story and comment if you want me to correct something or if you like this story cause I low-key need some motivation, lol.

Anyways , these are the characters .

(I do not own this image!!!)

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(I do not own this image!!!)


his is my oc , Ikeuria  . But people call her Euri . She is 17 . She is best friends with Lo'ak , Neteyam, and Kiri . Her story : She was a human that changed to na'vi ,just like Jake , because she was part of an experiment. Her parents were scientists at Pandora, and she was born there. Jake always saw her as a child of his and took care of her .  After the war , she completely became a na'vi, but she still has 5 fingers .

Ages of other chapters:

Aonung, Neteyam: 17
Kiri , Lo'ak , Tsireya , Rotxo : 16
( The other characters have the same age)

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