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"DAFUQ IS DIS!? dafuq!? Ben get your ass up here!!" Sally yelled as she looked at the laptop screen with disgust

"What baby?" Ben asked softly as he entered the room

"Would you care to fucking explain this!?" she asked her voice rising with each word

"Explain what babe?" he asked again

"Explain THI—" Sally was cut off by Jeff "Ooo do I hear yelling!?" Jeff taunted "Sally mad at you bro?"

"I think so but I don't know why.."

"DAFUQ do you mean you don't know why c'mere! I'll fucking show you!"

"Well tough luck bro you're on your own now btw she looks really mad..seeya!" said Jeff as he fled the room

Ben started to walk to Sally nervously not knowing what she was mad about but Sally's bear suddenly tackled him down with a knife in hand

"How DARE YOU! you filthy lowly human!! how DARE you do that to her!?" the bear shouted at Ben while swinging his knife aiming for his head

"I don't even know what I did.." he replied dodging the bears' attack

"WOW..just wow" Sally said un-amused

They suddenly stopped as they hear heavy footsteps approaching the room

"I'm sorry but did I just hear that you hurt Sally!?" said Slenderman as he poked his head through the door tilting it to the side a bit "Did you remember what I told you when you told me that you're dating my little girl?" he asked in a somewhat mono toned voice. Memories flashed before Bens' eyes..


'BenXSally-Chapter 16 : Acceptance'

" dating My LITTLE GIRL ARE YOU!?" Slenderman asked in a menacing voice

"Y-yes Sir I am....I love her and she's not uhm a little girl anymore she's 17 almost 18.." Ben replied

"I know that! but she's still my little girl!! and trust me when I say this... I. WILL. HUNT. YOU. DOWN. PERSONALLY. SKIN. YOU. ALIVE. AND. FEED. YOU. TO. THE. EVILIST. CREATURES. IN. THE FACE. OF THE. UNDER. REALM if you hurt MY little girl got it!?" Slendy said with a 'smile'


"Err..I um yes sir..I do" Ben replied sitting up

"Well..would you like me to do it here? or outside!?" Slenderman asked in an impatient voice

"Well sir you see—" Ben was cut off by Sally "excuse me father but you can't skin him just yet he has to answer my question!!"

"Fine. but I swear to gawd if Sally's not happy with that answer you better just bury yourself alive.." Slenderman man said dismissing himself

"And every fucking one of you get the FUCK OUT!!!" Sally yelled scaring all the spectators away "shut the door and c'mere Ben!"

"...Okay."Ben did what he was told "Wha-whats wrong Sally?" he asked approaching Sally carefully

"This who the fuck is this chick!? she posted that she's so fucking in love with you and you were fucking tagged and you fucking accepted it. what the FUCK!? explain that!!!"

"Oh it's just that phew! don't worry about it" he replied in a carefree voice

"WELL EXCUSE ME! FOR BEING YOUR GIRLFRIEND!! 'Oh it's just that phew!?'" Sally yelled mimicking his voice "just that!? oh so that means you're in love with her too!? that you accepted her feeling and that you're going out OH GREAT FOR YOU NOW EXCUSE ME I MIGHT BE BOTHERING YOU BEING ALIVE AND ALL. EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO JUMP OFF A FUCKING CLIFF"

"Sally that's not what I mean!" but Ben was too late Sally rushed out the room and out of the house

"Well!?" Slenderman came out of nowhere "you want to start running or do you just want me to pierce you right here right now either way I don't care you're going to experience the most agonizing pain known to human kind. no not to human monsters"

"Wai-wait Slendy I-i can fix this!!!" Ben shouted as he ran out the door

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