Take My Hand Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

            Jo screamed at the sight of the man and woman who had appeared before her. The woman had long silvery blonde hair that ended at her lower black. It was perfectly straight and framed her elfin face and violet eyes, her skin nearly matching the pale color of her hair. The man to her side had blonde hair a few shades darker with the same pale skin, and his eyes were amber.

            Jo cringed behind Carson as both the willowy woman and her significantly larger companion hissed as they transformed. Their eyes became black as their fangs began to protrude from their red lips. Dermaglyphs appeared on the man’s arms in black, but the woman’s arms remained flawless. Within a moment, the design’s on the man’s arms had faded until they were no longer visible. Both were dressed in the cliché revealing leather meant to intimidate, and both were doused in weaponry.

            Carson jumped from the bed, transforming as he pulled Jo from the bed to block her with his body as he pressed her to the wall. His dermaglyphs were black, making him look even more menacing as his eyes turned black and his fangs expanded. As his dermaglyphs faded, a growl rumbled in his chest as he carefully watched the two vampires.

            “Carson, how nice of you to make yourself so easily discoverable,” the woman remarked scathingly.

            “Ah, yes, because my intent was to make your purpose more easily fulfilled,” Carson replied scornfully, his voice grotesquely deep and harsh.

            The woman laughed liltingly. “Now, Carson. You could make this so much easier for yourself by simply coming with us. By fighting, you will only endanger the woman you seem so intent upon protecting.”

            “Amaya, you cannot honestly believe that I would cooperate with you. Have you ever known me to be so accommodating?”

            Jo was shocked to hear the vampires before her address one another by name.

            “I certainly have not,” the male remarked with a slightly amused grin. He seemed poised for a fight and was enthusiastically awaiting the moment when it would begin. His accent was English, though Amaya’s was clearly not.

            “Amdis, how marvelously horrific to see you again,” Carson directed to the male.

            “You always did have a way with words,” Amdis returned with a chuckle, pulling a dagger from his belt.

            “Your sarcasm is superfluous and unappreciated, Amdis,” Carson noted, never removing his eyes from either Amaya or Amdis. “Am I to assume that Dania has sent you?”

            “Aye, that would be logical,” he remarked.

            “And just what exactly is her purpose to be?”

            “She believes you were involved in the murder of her precious Darne,” Amaya said with a roll of her eyes, clearly mocking Dania.

            “Ah, I knew it would not take her long to discover my involvement. Pity, I rather had hoped to make more of a game of it,” Carson replied nonchalantly.

            “Have you still not learned to keep yourself out of trouble?” Amdis said, chuckling.

            “It keeps my life much more interesting.”

            “And does your little play thing behind you agree?”

            Jocelyn’s eyes widened as Amdis glanced up at her. She was still hidden quite safely behind Carson and could barely glimpse the two vampires above his broad shoulder. She trembled slightly as uneasiness settled more deeply into her body. Amdis took a step closer to them as Amaya circled to the other side, allowing the warriors to further imprison the two of them.

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