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Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 3, Was i wrong?

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Yuki's eyes widened. Her room was covered with blood once again. She covered her ears with her hand and shut her eyes tight. A flashing image of the vampire stained her memory. She shook her head, trying to get the image out of her mind. Suddenly, she felt something grab her shoulder tightly. She let out another scream. "Yuki, calm down! Its me, Kaname. Whats wrong?" Yuki's heavy breathing slowed at the sound of Kanames voice. She opened her eyes to see Kaname kneeling on the bed infront of her. She stared wide eyed at him. Kaname pulled Yuki in close. She couldnt stop the tears from streaming out of her. The door slammed open. Hanabusa and Ruka stood in the light of the hallway, catching their breath. "Whats wrong! We heard a scream! Is everything ok?" Kaname turned his head, not letting go of Yuki. "Everythings fine, go back to your rooms, ill handle this." Hanabusa and Ruka both bowed and turned to walk away, shutting the door behind them. "Yuki, what happened?" Yuki was shaking uncontrollably. "It... it was the... vampire! That night..." Yuki's voice was quivering. Kaname put a hand on Yuki's head and started to speak. Yuki immediatly fell unconsious. "Take away her memory of that night. Take away the pain that she bears. I dont want to see her like this ever." Kaname layed Yuki back down onto her bed and kissed her forehead.

Yuki opened her eyes slowly. what happened? She rubbed her head at turned to look at the time on her alarm. 6:25, my alarm should have woken me at 7:00? She swung her legs over the side of the bed and threw her blanket off. ow! my head! Yuki lifted one hand to her head and used the other to steady her. The mansion was dark. Not even Kaname was to been seen.Yuki walked down the staircase, her head still throbbing. She heard something mover behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around in a defencive position. Nothing was there. Her head suddenly started throbbing more than ever. She fell backwards only to fall straight into Kanames arms. "Yuki, what are you doing awake at this time! Go back to sleep." Yuki opened her eyes to see Kaname looking straight back at her. "My head was hurting so i came down here to get some medicine." Kaname helped Yuki to her feet. "I will go get it for you, go back to your room." Yuki nodded and sluggishly pulled herself up the giant staircase. When she got to her room, everything seem strange. Even though the room was dead still, to her, it was moving like crazy. Yuki closed her eyes and brang a hand up to her face. She walked over and slumped herself onto her bed. Why do i feel this way?  Kaname came in shortly after to give Yuki her medicine, only to find her fast asleep.

Yuki awoke again some minutes laster to the sound of her alarm. Her head wasn't throbbing anymore and everything was back to normal. She sat up rubbing her eyes and yawning. She opened her eyes to find Kaname standing in the doorway. "You gave me quite a scare this morning Yuki." Yuki stood up and bowed. "Im so sorry Kaname, i didnt know..." Kaname's arms wrapped around Yuki before she could finish what she was saying. "Are you allright now?" Yuki nodded and wrapped her arms around Kaname. "You better get dressed. We have many things to do today." Yuki nodded and let go of Kaname. Kaname smiled and turned to walk away when Yuki grabbed his hand. "Kaname. Thank you." Kaname turned back to Yuki. "No, Yuki, Thank you." He smiled the turned and walked away. Yuki smiled and went to get dressed.

Hanabusa and Ruka were typing away madly at their computers when Yuki came down. "Im getting them to type up the invitations. Could you please write down a list of the guest you want to come, Yuki." Kaname handed Yuki a blank sheet of paper with guests written at the top in the most beautiful handwriting Yuki had ever seen. She turned and sat at the table behind her. hmm... well i have to send one to the headmaster. Oh and Sayori would want to come and Zero... Yuki stopped and remembered Zero's words "i will come back to kill you." She stopped writing and stared at the paper for a few seconds, tossing over what she sould do. After some thought, she crossed out his name and tried to get her mind off him by thinking of other people she should bring. Yuki couldnt think of anymore people that she could bring. I will get Sayori and the other girl Vampires to be my bridesmaids. She started scribbling down names of various vampires into different categories. Bridesmades: Rima and Ruka. Guests: Akutski, Hanabusa, Senri, Takuma... Yuki gave the list to Kaname and watched his reaction. "Yuki, im sorry but didnt you know? Takuma died fighting his uncle." Yuki was shocked at the news. "Ta...Takumas.. dead!" Kaname nodded slowly. "Im sorry, Yuki. I thought you knew." Yuki's eyes were fixed on the floor. Kaname put a hand under her chin and lifted her head until their eyes met. He leant down and kissed her cheek. Yuki closed her eyes until his lips left her. "Wil you be ok, Yuki?" She nodded and smiled at him. He smiled at her until suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kaname turned and opened the door. Everyones attention was drawn towards him speaking to another man with short brown hair. Kaname thanked the man and turned back to Yuki. "Forget what i just told you, Yuki. Takuma has been found alive, but barely."

(Stay tuned for Episode 4, Watch out!)

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