*I forgot to say that this fanfic is set in like late March & I said it was Autumn in one of the chapters so like I'll edit it out & pls ignore it*


"Why are you dragging me?" I frustratedly grumbled and snatched my arm from Harry's hold. He angrily shook his head, his hands running through his hair.

"We're going home." He demanded.

I scowled instantly, crossing my arms and intently staring at his hot and bothered figure. "You're going home."

He rolled his emerald eyes and incoherently sighed before his hand withdrew back to his pockets. But then he relaxed, his eyes now soft as he shrugged his broad shoulders. "Where do you want to go?"

I anxiously glanced at my watch, noticing that we only had a couple of hours left of school. I had originally planned to stay in English after lunch and study, but by the looks of things Mrs Valentine was a little angry.

"We can go anywhere?" I asked quietly.

"Wherever you want." He took a silent step toward me, his hand slowly raising from his pocket.

"I... I need to buy things for Eden." I murmured innocently, my big hazel eyes widening.

"Who's she? Why do you need to buy things for her?" Harry quizzically furrowed his eyebrows.

"She-She's my fish." I awkwardly whispered.

"Alright," I could tell he was judging me so I looked embarrassingly to the floor. "We'll walk. I need to buy a few things too."

He began walking towards the exit doors, his hands in his pockets once more. I hurried behind him, my breath panting slightly. "Like what?"

"Arts and crafts." He boringly mumbled, as if there was no significance.

"Why?" I asked curiously. He didn't respond.

We walked peacefully to the town centre in the cool, Spring air. I was always one step behind Harry whenever we walked, I never really liked walking in front.

We approached the local pet shop, and I noticed the cashier rolling her eyes as I entered with an eager grin, she probably recognised me. I wandered to the fish, eyeing the fancy decor. Some new coral came in.

Harry was staring into the tarantula tank with a vulgar stare. "I hate spiders."

"Don't say that to a tarantula. That's like telling a lion that you hate cats. That's like telling me that you hate girls."

"But you are a girl?" He confusedly inquired.

I awkwardly fixed my shirt collar and stared thoughtfully into one of the fish tanks. I said in a deep voice, "I'm a woman."

He smirked slightly and sauntered beside me, his eyes on the angel fish. "I bought you one of these."

"They're so graceful." I spoke in awe.

"They're... They're fish."

"This coral will go nicely." I whispered to myself before humming in thought. I quickly paid for my coral and left, a little disappointed that there was only one thing that really caught my eye. Maybe Eden would be happy with it nevertheless.

"I need to go to WHSmith and get some stuff." Harry hesitantly spoke in a low tone.

I shoved my coral into my school bag and curiously followed Harry outside. He walked quickly to a different store, humming a short tune as he eagerly approached the art and crafts section. He thoughtfully exhaled, his eyes staring at every single item.

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