Chapter 13 ~Glare War

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Hello my beautiful readers, you may be wondering how does she know we're beautiful? Why is she writing on bold italics? Why am I reading this part in a high voice? Why am I even reading this story? Well I just know you are beautiful, I'm writing in bold italics to show your thoughts, because thats how I wanted you to read it, and I don't even know maybe its the excitement that's got you like kiss her Jared kiss her! Or kiss her Paul kiss her! No Jacob why Jacob! Chril Chril! Don't do it Embry, watch her wake up while your masterbating to her! Ahhhhh. Vote! comment! Enjoy!

Jared POV:

I couldn't get her out of my mind, no matter how hard I tried. I mean half the guys at school can't but still, every night I dream about the night we almost kissed, I know pathetic but I can't help it, if only my mom didn't walk in.

I walked into class walking to my regular seat, next to her, she already sat there looking into the woods like she was looking for something or someone. She seemed alert and zoned out at the same time, weird. When I sat down she jumped, I just smiled at her.

"Hi" she mumbled

"Hello" I replied with a smile normally she would've smiled back or even blushed so adorably but she just continued looking out into the forest throughout the entire period. I'm surprised that Mr. Cortez didn't tell her something, instead he would just glance at her and show a look of patience and protectiveness, which is weird for a school teacher, especially a thirty year old Hispanic male.

When the bell rang I swear she jumped like ten feet in the air and almost fell off her chair but I caught her. She smiled at me.

"Hey Jared, when did you get here?" She asked. I furrowed my eyebrows

"The beginning of class, you said hi to me. Is, is everything okay Chrissy?" I asked her

"Yeah why wouldn't it be?" She asked then glanced at Mr. Cortez who was looking at me like I murdered his family. She gave him a small glare before getting up and grabbing her stuff, I followed her out of the classroom with Mr. Cortez's glaring eyes.

"Want to sit with me today?" I asked her as we walked to our lockers.

"Yeah sure" she mumbled I sighed and walked to my locker. I could feel the eyes of someone on me, I turned around and there was Chrissy I jumped. She smirked a bit and reached behind me like she was going to give me a hug then pulled her arms back revealing a sign that read I Like Unicorns and I'm proud! In big letters and fancy writing, how did that get there? I looked over her shoulder and saw him again watching us closely, this time she furrowed her eyebrows and turned around looking at him then grabbing me and pulling me to the direction of the cafeteria.

"So this is your table? Where'er your friends?" She asked my friends? Oh shit I forgot about them.

"Um, they'll be here, look there they are." I pointed to them. She nodded and leaned back a little looking at my back, before pulling forward and smiling. The guys sat with me and smiled in a flirtatious way at her. She smiled back an awkward smile.

"Hello, I'm Brandon" said the head captain of the football team extending his his hand "but you knew that" he continued shaking her hand and planting a kiss on it.

"I'm Christian, and you flirt with me one more time I'll introduce my foot to your balls." I laughed at that so did everyone else because football sometimes requires kicking. "I'm serious, I punched Jac- um I mean I, uh, um, nothing. But I do mean it!"

"She's a real fiesty one isn't she? You know babe if you want a better time than what Jareds giving you then I'm here" said another one of the guys. She raised her eyebrows and looked at me.

"You're a real annoying one aren't ya? If you want to get quarterback from Jared then maybe you just have to grow some and be a man." She remarked I choked on my water and looked at her.

At the corner of my eye I could see the three idiots who helped with the prank looking over here, at her. I smirked and wrapped my arm around her waist. I could see all three of them glaring, especially that Jacob kid, he was glaring at my hand. Being them I could see Lahote flipping me off and also glaring at my hand. I gave him the finger back and of course the three doofuses saw and returned the gesture, okay no I'm pissed. I felt Chrissy get up and watched her walk to the food line where she got another hamburger. Damn that girl could eat.

After she sat down, I felt something hit the side of my head, I turned to see Jacob Black smirking and his friends laughing. That's it that ass, I grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it back, they ducked and it hit Lahote in the face, he looked up and was pissed. He had thrown a cookie at me but it got Ateara instead, he turned around glared and grabbed something going to throw it forward and instead it went backwards nailing me in the face. Next thing I know the entire cafeteria is listening to Chrissy's beautiful laugh. We all looked at her and she was holding a small camera. Behind her stood Mr. Cortez glaring at all five of us.

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