Chapter 2

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3rd person's pov:

Dream just arrived. George is in his cat form playing on the sofa biting it. Dream looked around and turned his head down realizing that the boy isn't there.

"Where is he?" Asked the taller

"Oh sorry he had to go home" answered Nick

"You are just lying" said Dream trying not to believe his best friend

"No I'm not" Answered the shorter

"Who's that little cat?" Dream asked about the strange new cat

"Ohh that's uhmmm..Mr.rosey" Sapnap named him with the idea how hard George was blushing

"Wtf is that name? And it's a black cat why would you name it 'Mr.rosey'? Asked the blonde not understanding the stupid name

"Bc I can" said Sapnap trying not to laugh

The little cat came closer to them. George or sould I say Mr.rosey started purring and going closer to the taller male rubbing himself on his leg. Dream leaned down and patted him.

"You already love him huh?" Said Sapnap with a smirk on his face

George started hissing at Sapnap and dream started wheezing. Dream picked him up and started patting his head again. Little Georgie started purring he loved it.

"Looks like your cat doesn't like you!"
Dream said out loud and he was fighting with himself to not to laugh.

"Shut the fuck up" said Sapnap as George fell alsleep in Dream's arms.

"Aww" Dream said softly trying not to wake up the kitten.

George or how Sapnap calls him Mr.rosey is a small cat. He's much smaller than Patches. He's got a little witch hat and a black-purple cape.

After a long time of talking Dream wanted to go home. He's been there for at least four hours. Patches probably misses her owner.

"Can I take him home?" Dream asked beacuse he didn't wanted to wake up the sleeping Kitty.

"Uhh sure but bring him back tomorrow!" Sapnap wasn't so happy about it since George bearly knew Dream.

"Okay okay chill I will bring him back" Dream laughed out thinking that his best friend is jealous.

"Good." Answered Sapnap.

-timeskip (at Dream's house)-

George's pov:

I arrived at a strange new place. I was still in Clay's arms so I knew I was safe. There was a little brown cat. Dream called it 'Patches'. She's much bigger than me it's a bit scary. I'm pretending to be still sleeping. Dream put me down in some cozy and fluffy place.

The cat started licking my face to wake up. So I did, Dream came and he said "Bad Patches! You woke him up!" As I think Patches is Dream's cat. Clay came close to me. He was patting the back of my ear. I started purring but I was still a bit scared where I was. "I'm sorry about her. She just wanted to play with you!"

I opened my eyes and Dream gasped. He was amazed at my different colored eye. One was blue the other was brown. "Why are you so...cute" as Patches heared that she attacked me. She jumped on top if me and almost crushed my soul. It was scary. Dream was just laughing his ass off. I said to Patches that we sould jump on Dream in cat language. She agreed and we both jumped on Dream.

"NOOOO" Dream laughed out

"NOT FAIR!" He was still wheezing

We started biting Dream's arm where Patches always does as she told me. Then I crawled down on Clay's leg and started biting and clawing his ankle. He kept on laughing and saying 'ouch'. This goes on until I don't see Patches on Dream's chest anymore so I take my chance and quickly jump on his chest curling up into a little ball.

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