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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

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Well, it comes to anime rants, we all knew that SNK/AOT was going to make an appearance. Like seriously, you had to see this coming.

I recently started watching the anime because my friends were saying it was really good. But I have noticed that the fandom is like the Kuroshitsuji fandom. Well....less like that. But still.

The main reason why I kept from watching it was because of the hype. And unfortunately, no thanks to Google+, I got a few major spoilers concerning Eren. So until Halloween back in 2014, I finally started watching it. Its not bad actually. But it could have a little bit of character development. And there are way too many time skips within five episodes. But that may be just me.

Also, Levi is overhyped. I'm sorry, but I just don't see anything interesting about him for the time being. And also, I DON'T SHIP LEVI AND EREN TOGETHER. In fact, I don't ship anyone in the series and that's saying something.

On the other hand, Mikasa may be a little overbearing towards Eren, but I do find her interesting. Her backstory, while it didn't exactly reduce me to tears, I did find myself smiling when Eren and his dad took her under their wing after her parents were murdered.

The shipping wars are seriously out of control in this fandom. It is crazy, and I don't mean that as a compliment. Like, Person A may ship Mikasa and Eren and Person B may ship Eren and Levi. Person C may ship Jean and Marco and there's always that one asshole to mess everything up. If any of you want the sane and safe side of the AOT fandom....yeah, you're not gonna find that on Tumblr. You can find it on Google+ though, even though some people are just ignorant assholes.

The fandom is also crazy and not in a good way. I intend to NEVER join the AOT fandom. There can be seriously some lewd art that can be found anywhere but that's a complaint for the Black Butler fandom as well. I would definitely say that I would take the Kuroshitsuji fandom over the AOT fandom. Like its that bad.

In addition, I like the series, but just because you don't join the fandom, doesn't mean that you're not a loyal fan. You can still be a fan of any show and still not join a effing fandom. I went through my entire childhood not being part of the HP fandom and I'm only joining after the series ended. I still effing survived. And so can you.

Well, that's it so far. What do you think? (I think I'll do Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood next but it depends.) See ya!

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