Eyes On Her

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Part 27

Year down the line...

Demi and Y/N are in a happy stable relationship, a lot has gone on in this year they had they there up and downs but who doesn't? Just because they both in the spot light doesn't mean they " perfect" ohh yeah when I say they both in the spot light.. Y/N is now doing acting, she's done a few films with big ass stars, Demi and Y/N are now living together which was Y/N idea to buy an house together, Demi got Y/N a dog for her birthday and both came up with the name buddy... He's just a cute little white fluff ball. Demi planned a party for Y/N just family and close friends, nothing to big and fancy..

Demi not long come back from touring, and same with Y/N she's been in England shooting for her new film. So Demi and Y/N haven't seen each other for 5 months, obvs they've FaceTimed but that just isn't the same as seeing your love one in person, because as much as you miss that one person you mostly miss the little tiny things likes kissing, cuddling, being stupid.. Toy fights.

So Demi has plan to take Y/N out on a date as its they're 2 year together..
Demi had a few big plans for them both, she wanted to show the love she had for her, for the last 3 months she's had this thought running through her mind, always online looking for the perfect ring for her perfect girlfriend but also finding it hard because demo doesn't know if it's what Y/N wants, but maybe that's because what's happened with her past and always thought she found the "right one" but she knows Y/N is the right one for her. She can feel it in her heart, like deep down. Just thinking about all this is giving her the biggest smile ever and the butterflies get out of control.

Later that day...

Demi & Y/N text convo..

Demi- " hey baby I'm missing you like crazy, I'm so glad to be back home I can't wait to see you later on 😘 i love you lots. Keep that smile on your face x"

Y/N- " OMG babe!!! I forgot that you was coming back, I had all my days mixed up and I have had that much on. I cannot wait to see you too.. I should be home about 7ish 🙈 I love you too. Aww you did make me smile a lot! Bye 😘"

Demi- " I love you more my queen😘 x"

Demi canceled all the shit she had to do today as she was to tired from the touring and wanted to spend time with her beautiful girlfriend, but little did she know that she had these amazing plans.. Like how cute can one person be?!?

Demi POV;

I cannot wait to get my hands on my lovely amazing super hot girlfriend!! Missed her isn't the word. I can't wait to put my lips on Y/N perfect lips of hers, I just missing her... I need to get ready yet, I have a hour before she's back OMG. I feel like the first time I ever saw her working behind that bar, like a little teenager, my legs feeling week, 1000's of butterflies going all crazy inside me. Got this stupid ass smile on my face.. This all this is happening when I know she's nearly finishing God help me when I'm stood infront of her omg...

Demi's now finished in the shower, now she's torn on what to wear, between a cute dress or skinny jeans, white polo with a blazer.. She's stand infront of the mirror and keep putting both clothes up to her humming and rrrring what to wear. In the end she just throws herself back onto the bed, grabs her phone and starts playing bit of music.. She walks over to her dresser and starts doing her hair, she gone with the wavy look put a little bit of eyeliner on, she just looking at herself in the little Mirror and says "Demi you look good if I say so myself "

Demi didn't know Y/N was stood at the door just watching and listening to what she's just said..

Y/N - " *cough* Miss Lovato I do agree with what you said, you look beautiful 😏 but there is one thing I would change though..."

Demi - " OH MY FUCKING GOD BABY!!!! *runs/walks* I've missed you.. Heyyy that's mean listening in *blushes* *kisses Y/N* mm I've missed them lips!! But what would that one thing be babe?"

Y/N -" I have missed you to. Well I couldn't help myself sexy lady *winks* so have I. That drove me crazy then.. Well you see that towel wrapped around that body of us? Well you know? Be better on the floor"

Demi -" *blushes* mh mmm no Y/N that can wait till later.. Just get ready please.. I got plans for us"

Y/N -" ugh but baby I've miss your touch ... But whatever it better we worth the wait!!!"

Sorry it took me so long to update just been that busy lately.
I dunno when imma update again, but imma start it tomorrow and see how far I get then yeah..

Hope yall okay!

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