chapter 1

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                 1  Chapter  

Almighty ringing her alarm turned off

  \" Allen  \" And he was moderate at her session, as she was not asleep, on the contrary, she woke up much earlier, her mind does not stop thinking about what is presented to him and does not have mercy on her until she gets enough sleep  , I looked at the watch next to her on the table and found that she was referring to six in the morning, still having enough time to refresh her body with a warm bath commensurate with the cold weather today, before heading to her new workplace 

Today is its first day in the Al Matthew group  \"  The industrial group is that giant whose branches are spread everywhere in Europe finally after a hard effort that you were able to be a member of  , She joined her after two years of hard work in various places to obtain experience certificates that would qualify her to reach that group, eventually to have the position of Special Secretary and Personal Assistance to the CEO of the group  \" Adam Matthew \"The Single Billionaire as Newspapers Call him,\" despite the fact that he has passed thirty years, he is still single and has not yet been married ,  And with many rumors chasing him about his multiple women's relationships and being a first-class woman minister and why not he is so handsome that his features are so damn that manhood screams from his sharp looks , His tall aristocratic nose, and his carved and sexy body with his height, is a man who imposes his presence on everyone, so how would the women be if they fell under the influence of his magic and his overwhelming presence .

But all of this did not prevent him from being the most hated person in this world and wishing him to perish , And her endeavor throughout those years was motivated by revenge, as she will not forget that what is between her and her sister's revenge and what happened with her five years ago was still in her twenties 

Details of that day are still present in his mind that you never forgot, as if what happened was yesterday  , And how not she lives for revenge, and only her only goal in life is to see Adam Matthew as a dead body swimming in his blood next to her feet, as happened with her sister, that flower that hides her body Under the dirt .

It was a very cold and rainy night when Allen returned from her university early, unusually, knowing that Lillian stayed the night at her friend's house as she had previously experienced , But when the door was pushed by surprises in her sister's body, the earth and blood spattered her features, and her heart fell under her feet from shock 

 She rushed close to her and crouched beside her on the floor trying to discover the places of the wounds so that she can ambulance as quickly as possible , To get the shock, her sister's entire body is full of wounds, some of them cut and the other deeper alongside the never-ending bleeding  , It took her a few seconds to understand that Lillian, her younger sister, was brutally raped , I started knocking on his face to get any response from her, but to no avail, only continuous groaning is caused by her wounds and bloody bruises .

She pulled her phone from her bag still carrying and pressed several numbers to hear the other side's voice 

He was only Harry's best friend 

Her voice came out weak, shivering, \"Harry Almighty came to my house immediately. Lillian dies faster please \"

Those words were enough for him to hurry to the help of his girlfriend, as he is in love with that little one and wishes to speak the truth of his feelings towards ،  Were it not for Allen to prevent him from approaching her, her feelings would mature so that her choice for him would be based on sound thinking, far from the feelings of adolescence her sister is going through  

 He was discharged from the hospital where a doctor was riding in his car ,  And he drove at a crazy speed that was about to carry out several incidents that almost claimed his life until he got home, as he is somewhat close to his workplace. The stairs climbed quickly and eager to check on them , There was no reason to knock on the door that was already open from the moment Allen entered

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