When we arrived back to Castle Oblivion, Ashtcher had immediatley retreated back to his room, and I was soon bombarded with more work with only about ten minutes of relaxation to spare. Saix had pulled me to the side to discuss my next assignment.

"Ayame, your next task is to go to the Deep Jungle to assist a common gunman named Clayton...and you will be accompanied by Renxsuke.

"What?!" I couldn't believe my ears. I crossed my arms and scowled at the thought. Why did Renxsuke have to come with me? All that selfish and arrogant ingrate will do is critisize me left and right, and get in my way. "Why?"

"I know you two have your differences, but Clayton has a bit of a short temper, and acts impulsively and may get off task. Renxsuke could help you keep him in line."

"I don't need his help."

"I know you don't, but there's nothing wrong with ensurity."


"You say now that you don't need my help," Renxsuke started as he approached. "But you will, everyone always does at least once." I turned to him and glared at him as I squinted my eyes.

"You two better get going," Saix said.

As I walked over towards Renxsuke, and stopped in front him, staring at the hood he never lifted. "Just stay out of my way," I said to him and continued on passed him and created a portal and walked through as he followed.

As we walked through the path of darkness, Renxsuke decided to speak through the eerie silence. "Here are the ground rules..." Ground rules? Who does he think he is giving me rules? He is really unbelievable. "Don't expect me to be nice just because we're being made to be put through this. I will treat you as I always have."

"Kind of expected that."

"Don't expect me to listen to you either, I act on my own accord of my own opinion and I don't not listen to my equals or others of lesser quality." He better not be putting me in that second category.

"So basically don't expect you to do more than you are capable of doing, because you're just not up to par with the standards you've given yourself."

"Mh...and don't get smart with me."

"Well that one isn't going to work, I'm sure you believe in compromise don't you?"

".....I suppose." I could tell by the tone in his voice he would've been cutting his eyes at me. "But let's do this as quickly as possible, I don't like this anymore than you."

"I don't care what you like, or what you'll put up with. All I care about is getting through this smoothly, so if you can, try not to be a pain."

"Hmph," I could hear him smirk. "I'll do my best."

I rolled my eyes and just continued on the path to the Deep Jungle. When we arrived, we ended up outside of what looked like an abandoned tree house that was in the middle of the jungle how would we find Clayton in all this.

"Well this is great," Renxsuke said sarcastically.

"Will you shut up with the negativity, in a place like this he'd easily have a campsite somewhere, and it'd be easy to track if we look carefully."

"Well yeah if this WAS a campsite, but this is a JUNGLE. It could take days. You don't get out much do you?"

I growled, "That is obvious in a jungle this size, but you forget we have the darkness to our advantage."

"Then there's that....look lets not argue, we have a mission to do."

"It'll be hard not to with your pushy arrogance and keen sensibility of the your-always-right attitude."

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