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ashton finished packing Luke's bag. he plops on the hotel bed that they've been sharing for almost two months now and flips through the cable channels. it was noon and Luke was at work. he had nothing else to do because his phone was charging and he wanted it to be on 100% battery. he sighs as he cant find anything to watch and he lays back.

he hears his phone buzz a few times and he quickly jumps up and runs over to it with a smile.

Luke: babe open the door for me when i get there. xx

Ashton smiled excitedly as he replies with an okay and runs to the bathroom. he quickly fixes his hair and brushes his teeth. humming he turns and looks at his plump bum in the mirror barely covered by his purple laced panties. he smiles at himself in the mirror then nearly jumps at the knocking on the door. he quickly skips to the door and opens it to meet a pair of green eyes, a perfect smile, and red hair.

"can i help you?" ashton asks slowly then glances around.

"I'm here for Luke." the boy laughs quietly then crosses his arms.

"who are you?" ashton scoffs quietly and lowers his eyebrows.

the red head eyes Ashton for a moment. "I'm his fucking boyfriend. who are you?"

ashton was taken back by the strangers words then mutters. "his um, his roommate. come in? he'll be here in a few."


ashton heard knocking at the door once again, he's now fully clothed(jeans and a shirt with his vans). Ashton gets up from the couch sitting beside this michael and opens the door to meet Luke.

"hi beautiful." he greets, he wraps his arms around Ashton's waist and kisses the small boys lips gently. Ashton didn't kiss back though. he just let luke kiss him then he pulled back and walked in to the living room. Luke followed behind and stops when he sees michael.

"what the hell are you doing here?" Luke nearly shouts, he drops his briefcase on the floor and looks between the two.

"i haven't seen you in three weeks, i would like to see my boyfriend." michael pouts and stands up.

"three weeks?" ashton asks sadly, he looks up at the two. "I've been here for two months. is that why you are suddenly home all the time? because you haven't seen him?"

"Ash, no-"

"he said he has been busy with work. i didn't know anything about you. but i should've known since he made excuses for me not to come over here."

tears fall down Ashton's cheeks as he shakes his head. he looks up at Luke who's frowning. Ashton just looks down and runs to the door. "ashton wait!" Luke shouts, he runs after ashton and presses his hand to the door so the small boy can't leave. "i don't want him, baby. "

"why the fuck did you go visit him then?! why did you- no, why are you with him when you were kissing me and shit?!" ashton shouts at Luke. "i hate you!"

Luke told ahold of Ashton's hips making him cry even harder at his touch, the small boy shoves Luke with all his strength making him stumble and fall to his bum then ashton ran out quickly.

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