The tall broken boy

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The tall broken boy,

Heart stronger then steel,

Refused to let me help him,

So I made him a deal.

Every Wednesday I would come,

With a kiss and kind words,

He reluctantly accepted,

Although it was on his terms.

Months would pass,

The boy would grow,

I would still come,

Seeds of kindness to sow.

Then one Wednesday night,

Two years after the first,

The boy would propose,

He called me his nurse.

I smiled with glee,

At this boy who I had come to admire,

We got married months after,

Near the dock,

At the pier.

We travelled to Sydney,

He got a job,

As did I.

We had a child,

A boy,

Who I cherished as mine.

Years of love on,

And every Wednesday night,

I still kiss my broken boy,

My beautiful,

Shining Knight.

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