New Year’s Wish


“We can’t do this anymore.”

The sentence ripped my heart apart, each word feeling like a dagger to my chest. The pain suffocated me. I tried to take deep breaths, but it felt like there was no oxygen left in the air.

Somehow it didn’t help that I was the one who had said the words.

He looked at me quietly, his eyes cautious. “What?”

I took another deep breath, imagining that courage flowed into my body. “I said that this,” I pointed in between us, “has to end.”

“What do you mean, ‘this’?” he asked. The cold way in which he spoke worried me. He was always warm and bright, always a light in my day. Now he was dark and unreadable, a stranger.

“Our relationship. It isn’t going to work out.”

His composure slipped, revealing flashing eyes and a clenched jaw. “And why the hell not?” He took a step closer. “What changed between today and yesterday?”

He wasn’t going to make this easy. I closed my eyes, ignoring the fluttering in my stomach when I remembered the past day. It doesn’t matter. None of it was real anyway.

 “I realized that this relationship was going a bit farther than I had planned.” I attempted a pitying smile.

“Farther than you had planned?” Clark demanded. He was shouting now, not caring about the people staring at him in the street. “That’s a lie, and you know it!” With a few long strides he was looming over me, making my breath catch in my chest.

His eyes softened, and he cradled my face gently in his hands. My cheeks tingled when his thumbs brushed over them. “We can fix this, Zoe. I don’t know what has gotten into you, or what I have done. But I promise that I will make it up to you. I will take care of you.”

I almost broke then. Anger I could handle, but not the look he had in his eyes right now. But it was because of that look that I had to do this. He deserved better. Not this. This was my fault, and it was time that I fixed it.

So I used my last card. “I’m in love with someone else.”

Silence. The sounds of the city enveloped us when we refused to speak. Sirens, shouts, laughter, honking. This was New York, the city that never slept. It reminded that even though the world seemed like it should stop, life still went on. The thought comforted me.

His mouth curved in a grim smile of understanding. Because of all things I could have told him, this was the easiest lie to believe. And it pained me to see it.

He turned around and left without another word. My heart screamed out for me to call after him. To tell him that it was all lies. To wrap my arms around him and kiss away the look of utter pain I had seen in his eyes just before he turned.

But I didn’t. And the tears in my eyes kept on falling.


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