Shehry's pov

"Tm aise wahan se uth k agayin tou socha kuch hogaya " i lied and she was taking heavy breaths and then again sigh deeply ! "Kuch nahi bs mood khrb tha!" She said and her face calm down.

"Shehryyyyy ye tmhara phone ! " i heard mehwish's voice ! Amzy's eyes widened and anger was evident in her eyes ! I turn towards mehwish and took my phone !

She was about to say more when i ran behind amzy ! She went inside ruksana's room ! "Amzy i'll give you the keys ! You guys can go and should take some rest ! " hassan said and amzy noded her head ! Hassan throw the keys toward me but amzy strech her hand and catch it before it came towards me .

Mine and hassan's eyes widened at her catch ! "Emmm i love goal keeping in football ! " she said all with a plain tone and we both burst up laughing ! " okay i'm going ! " she said and took zee with him .

I catch my breath and walk with her ! We sat in the car and she started the engine ! She set the gps and we were driving ! Her face was tensed and zee was playing his puzzle !

"Amsal kia huwa ? " i asked and her grip tighten around the stering wheel ! "Zee please baby turn your handfree on ! " she said and zee set his handfree !

"I told you nothing happen ! " she said and i sigh deeply ! "Then why are you holding the steering wheel that much tight ? " i asked and her grip lossen ! "Hum ghar chal k baat krte hain ! " she said .

After like some minutes we reached at the house ! She parked the car and we all went in ! She was still flaming up ! "Amsal ab tou btao kia baat hai ? " i said lowly and she turn aaround !

"Tmhen shuro se pata hai how much i hate mehwish ! Magr tm aise mil rahe the jaise bachpan k dost ! Aur us k uper phone bhi bhul aye take agli mulaqat mumkin ho sake? " she yell at my face and then took a step back .

" magr tmne kbhi nahi batay tmne kyun mehwish nahi psnd ?" I asked up and she fisted her hand but didn't reply ! She turned around and her back was now facing me ! I hugged her from back !

Her eyes widened ! She tried to jerk me but i was strong enough to hold her ! She slapped my chest so i can let her go ! "Jb tk btao gi nahi ! Tb tk nahi chorun ga ! " i said but she still tried to escape "chorrrrrrooo mjhe ! " she said in an irritated tone !

After some minutes of struggling ! She stopped and took a deep breath ! A smirk made its way to my lips ! "She always use to love you ! And i know that ! Tbhi chipak chipak k tmhen hug kr rahi thi ! " she said stubbornly and i made my voice stern "if she loves me then tmhen kyun bura ? Tm tou chahti ho k main kise aur k sath khush rahun ! " .

Her face colored flushed up and i again spoke up ! "Tell me you still love me ! " i asked and her eyes become glossy ! She looked away and shook her head ! "Kuch saal pehle bhi aise hi mana kiya tha tmne ! " i said and my voice cracked up !

I left and walked out from the house ! I don't know where i'm going ? I was walking in agony ! "Shehryaar stop ! " i heard amzy's voice and i stopped . i turn around and saw her standing ! Her hair was flying with the air !

She comes closer ! Her eyes were teary ! " shehryaar maa ki tbiyat vht khrb hai we have to leave now ! " she said and i know she was trying to contfol her tears ! I walk ehere she was standing ! I hugged her ! Her face was on my chest ! And for my surprise she hugged me back.

Amzy's pov

I hugged him back ! I was crying on his chest ! I lied to shehry about mom ! I was crying cause i'm afraid of losing him ! We walked back to the house ! Shehry called hassan to tell about us leaving !

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