Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Jason's P.O.V

I blew on my hands as the heater in my truck continued to blow warm air inside. I kept my gaze outside the window while waiting for another pair of headlights to break through the darkness that enveloped the park. Country music softly played in the background and I looked over on the passenger seat at the bouquet of lilies just sitting there, waiting for Dallas to get here so she could have them. I remember her saying a while ago that lilies were her favorite flowers; I couldn't wait to see her face light up when I gave them to her.

After running into Dallas and Austin at the mall a few days ago I've been blowing up her phone trying to get her to talk to me, however, she refused to answer until last night. I looked at my phone where I had my text messages with Dallas open so I could read them to pass the time and bring a little bit of happiness back into my life.

Can you meet me at the park tomorrow night? xoxo

When I had received the text last night I was more than excited to meet up. Hell, I wanted to meet last night to see what the hell was going on with Dallas and I, but I didn't wanna push her away any further.

I had been thinking nonstop of what could have caused Dallas to flee from my house Thanksgiving night. Everything had seemed okay during dinner except for the awkward introduction with my father. Just the slight thought of him made me clench my hands into fists. That man had always been strict and demanding when it came to football practice but ever since entering my senior year of high school he's been downright unbearable. He's been pushing me to my limit just so I'd get noticed by scouts, but his questionable training had become insane when he thought of his plan involving both Austin and Dallas.

A pair of headlights swung into the park and my sour mood made a 180. I couldn't wait to see Dallas' reaction when I handed her the flowers. I missed her so damn much it scared me. I was never this hooked on a girl. Probably because no other girl compared to Dallas. Yes, she was girly and a cheerleader like the rest of my ex's, but that didn't stop her from breaking the mold; she enjoyed football now, she wasn't afraid to put me or anyone else in my place when needed, and she was down to earth. All of that wrapped into that gorgeous body and beautiful face had me constantly thinking of her. I didn't even care that we weren't sexually active either. She revealed to me once that she was a virgin and wanted to save herself for the right time. Just that small fact made me respect her more and place her on an even higher pedestal.

The car parked a couple of feet behind my truck with the lights still on and stayed running. My stomach began doing somersaults as the door opened and I got out of my truck with the flowers in my hand. I couldn't wait to wrap her in my arms, kiss her, and apologize for anything I did wrong.

The chilly night air bit into my skin but I ignored it while I anxiously waited for Dallas to approach me.

"Dallas?" I asked and placed a hand over my brow and squinted so I could make out her form.

The person walked closer and I felt my hands curl and my expression fall as I saw Austin walking over. What the hell?

"Austin," I stiffly greeted. Austin and I still didn't like each other but we tried for the sake of Dallas' sanity. "What are you doing here?"

He crossed his arms before answering. "I'm here to tell you to stay away from Dallas."

Who the hell was he to order me around? "Like hell I am. Where the fuck is she?" I snapped. Now that Dallas wasn't around I couldn't care less how I spoke to Austin. He was arrogant, rude, and had the ability to piss me off without doing much.

"She's at home still bawling her eyes out over you," he answered with a roll of his eyes. "She doesn't think I notice but every night I can hear her crying in her bedroom over you."

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