Chapter One

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The Arrangement

A Bad Boy Billionaire Brothers Novel

By Mandy Rosko

Book One

Chapter One

Isla King stepped off the elevator on the top floor of Calendri Corp with sweaty palms as she held her heavy satchel. Even she couldn't help but be impressed by the wealth around her, despite the fact that she'd grown up pretty well off herself.

That, and her stomach quivered as though she was about to throw up last night's sushi.

It was why she hadn't eaten anything for breakfast this morning. The absolute last thing she needed was to get sick and embarrass herself, especially when she was here with her tail between her legs, intent on begging for her life, so to speak.

Her heels clicked on the dark floorboards as she marched with her shoulders back toward the rounded reception desk. Isla held her chin out, and she pretended as though this was her company, as though she was still important to the people that ran this place. Not that she was ever important to them at all. No one here even knew who she was.

The girl behind the desk seemed young enough, though it was hard to tell an exact age. She had one of those youthful faces. She could be late twenties, or she could be in her early twenties and was only here because someone had gotten her a connection.

Either way, she was on the phone, taking notes with a stylus on her tablet.

"Yes, Mr Calendri can do that for you. The meeting will have to be pushed back though. No, there will be no exceptions."

Despite the soft brown hair and innocent enough face of youth, Isla swallowed. In this place, even the receptionist was so high up that she could speak to people in that demanding tone.

The girls gaze flicked up, and Isla tapped her recently manicured nails onto the black marble.

Better to pretend to be impatient when really she was just jittery.

The girl went back to her call. She didn't so much as signal to Isla that she was going to need another minute or so to finish the call.

Isla puffed out a breath, and this time she didn't have to pretend anything. She actually was getting kind of irritated.

"All right, we can do that. Please don't be late," said the girl. The name on the desk said Sylvia. Then those soft brown eyes were looking right up at Isla, and once again, despite her girl next door innocence in appearance, Isla was left with the feeling that she was an ant sitting under some sadistic kid's magnifying glass. "Can I help you?"

The girl's eyes looked Isla up and down. Well, as up and down as could be considering most of Isla's body was hidden behind the reception desk. All the same, it really did look as though this girl was sizing her up. Checking her hair, her makeup, her clothing and her nails, making absolutely certain that Isla wasn't the riff-raff who'd gotten up her by accident, trying to pitch or sell something without an appointment first.

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