Lost Dreams

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Here is my new story that I will be doing while i am writing Needle in a Haystack. Enjoy, comment and maybe even vote.


Chapter 1

The corridor was choc full of colours. The orange lamp shade allowed yellow balls of light to dance around the hallway. These also created colours in themselves, which was helped by the mirror placed above the 5 star lamp.

But these glorious tones were soon clouded out by the dark shadow. 

As the shadow took its first step the blackly blue shade it had once been, turned into a milky white and continued to change as it approached the bedroom door.

The shadows wrinkled hand reached towards the elm furnish of the door. Slowly and quietly the shadow jiggled the door handle and swung it open. It then stared into the enclosed room.

At the girl.

The terribly normal bedroom was lined with as many as 2 cabinets and 1 set of draws. On top of them were numerous pictures of the girl with her friends and family. The shadow took notice of these as it passed.

So these are the people she will be leaving behind.

As the shadow began to take another step towards the bed the girl turned over mumbling to her self.

Blankets and pillows were scrambled all over the bed were the girl lay. Her hair was like a crows nest, all tangled but with noticeable parts that were straight. UN-removed make up made splodges of black and pink that covered her entire face, except the scar that ran from the top of her cheek to the bottom of her neck.

The girl had no idea how she had recieved it other then the fact that she got it when she was three.

No amount of surgery or make-up could cover it up.

It kept coming back.

The shadow was now stood at the side of the bed staring at the sleeping girl.

Who was this shadow?

A memory.

A ghost.

Or a guardian angel. 

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