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Elsa kept her gaze trained on the paper in front of her, her pencil clenched in her right hand. She gnawed lightly on the end as she perused the test in front of her. A flash of white caught her eye. She looked up. As she stared, he suddenly jerked his head to look out of the window, his tousled white hair catching the light, shimmering. His hair itself was the purest shade of white, glistening like freshly fallen snow, unlike her own platinum blonde hair. He looked back to his deck, pausing a moment while tapping his pen on the desk before writing. She watched him write. His fingers were nimble, but strong. Her eyes wandered up to his strong forearm, which disappeared into his jacket, rolled up to his elbows to free his hands. He rubbed his eyes in a bored manner. His nose was straight, flawlessly symmetrical, pale, perfect lips, currently pursued in concentration. Suddenly, he looked up, as if sensing her gaze. Elsa saw a flash of his icy azure eyes, framed by black lashes, before she shyly ducked down to glance at her test.

                Her hands, covered in bicycle gloves, trembled slightly as she penciled in the date and her name in perfectly flowing letters. She paused, trying to catch her breath, before starting on question one. She managed to clear her head and finish in record time. She'd been expecting this quiz for a week now. She double checked her answers and was preparing to triple check them. She jumped at the unexpected sound of Mrs. McKee's voice.

                "Five minute warning."

                Elsa sighed with relief and wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans. Elsa rarely got nervous. She had a careful grip on her emotions.

                "Conceal, don't feel," she recited in a hushed whisper.

                She glanced up. Jackson Overland was looking at her. She immediately trained her gaze back on her paper. It always unnerved Elsa when he looked at her. She finished triple checking and spent the last two minutes neatly stowing her books in her backpack.

                "Time's up, class. Set your tests on my desks before you leave. And remember, you have an essay do Thursday. You are to read out your report out loud. You will be graded based on the contents of material and quality of speech. So remember, speak clearly and loudly. Class dismissed."

                Elsa slid out of her chair and shouldered her backpack, preparing to make a hasty getaway. Mrs. McKee held the doors open for the students.

                "Good job on your last assignment, Elsa." Mrs. McKee's voice was laced with warmth, something Elsa always lacked.

                "Thank you, Mrs. McKee," she replied cordially, offering her a small smile.

                Mrs. McKee was a cheerful, buxom lady. She always dressed in bright floral patterns and golden hoop earrings. Her frizzy strawberry blonde tresses were never pulled back. Anna and Mrs. McKee seemed to be kindred spirits. In a word, effervescent. Elsa clutched her books tighter to her chest and speed walked to her locker. There were three colors of lockers, each in a different wing. Red was in the west wing, orange in the north wing, and green in the east wing. Elsa strode quickly to the west wing. She tugged at the sleeve of her jacket to glance at her watch. Two more periods until lunch. She grimaced at the thought of her next period: physical science, but immediately perked up when she realized Jack Overland wouldn't be there. He wouldn't be in any more of her periods except art. Elsa glanced up when snickers caught her attention. A few girls were huddled together off to the side. Elsa caught a glance of Jessica. Jessica had beautiful olive-toned skin with spider silk straight black hair that fell to her curving waist. She was the school's trend setter. She was already willowy and tall, but her delicate wedges added to her height. She wore a lacey pink tank-top and a denim mini skirt. Elsa couldn't find a place on her that wasn't bejeweled and accessorized. Jessica shot her a smug smile, her graceful eyebrows arching, before turning to the group and whispering something. They laughed. Elsa had the distinct expression they were trying to exclude her. She rolled her eyes at their child-like antics. Elsa had gotten off on the wrong foot with her last year. As the new girl, she earned instant access into their clique, but immediately got kicked out when she corrected Jessica's gossiping. The topic had been a sweet, shy girl named Amanda. 

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