chapter 1

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who wouldn't want the perfect body, or the 'thigh gaps' that all the girls longed for? or maybe the long hair, which girls get extensions and dyed up for guys that wouldn't even give them the time of day if they hadn't changed themselves. me, arie, didn't really care about changing myself. i didn't feel the need too. i had reasonable long, dark hair. my bright blue eyes kinda contrasted the dark with bright. my body wasn't the skinniest but i wasn't fat. i didn't have a thigh gap but my legs were fit, but only because i work out. well the only thing i found somewhat cute, as my best friend calls it, is my dimples. two really deep dimples formed in my cheeks, i didn't have to smile or laugh, they always appeared there. i was fond of them. but i really loved my eyes, i could leave them untouched by makeup, or leave a small winged eyeliner if i was feeling good about myself. my life is kinda boring, go to school, come home, watch netflix, go to bed. well, some days i would hang out with my best friend calum hood. but ever since he met this other friend he kinda ditched me. but i need to get to school, hell is what i usually call it.

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