Chapter 1

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Lizzy in pic above
*lizzy pov*
I just got out of school and I started running home trying to ditch all the boys.

As I turned the corner I ran right into sam. "I found her guys." He said and griped my arm tight. All the boys came out from bushes and trees.

Sam then kicked my leg.i fell and held it in pain. Then I felt a kick in my back. The next thing I know I'm getting punched and kicked and someone is pulling my hair.

After 15 minutes of that happening kian says "This is getting boring let's get some frozen yogurt." Thank god

They all walk away and I limp home. I get in and go straight to the bathroom.

I examine my self in the mirror. I have bruises starting to form. Sometimes I wish they would just kill me already. I mean it's better then feeling the pain.

I then look at my blade on the counter wanting me to use it. As I always do I pick it up. I make a few slits on my arm. It stung but like a good sting. I felt satisfied.

I then look at my arm and see the blood driping in the bathroom sink. I then put some water on it and leave it under there. The blood stops and I cleaned up my mess and walk to my room.

I sit on my bed and go to my happy I looked on the recommended page and Kians video comes up. I click on it.

It's so funny how there so fake in front of there fans. I can't belive those girls fangirl over them. Only if they knew the real them.

In the middle of the video I get a text.
sam: Are you ok. I'm sorry.....

Me: Just stop I know you're just joking and stuff trying to hurt me. I works all the time so just stop!
*Sam's pov*
As we were walking to get fro yo I always feel bad for what I do to lizzy but I have to fit in.

It hurts me to see her get hurt and cry but o2l are my only friends. I have to fit in.

As we were walking I stay in the back of the group to say sorry to lizzy over text. It's just I can't keep it in any more.

Me:Are you ok. I'm sorry.....

I then regretted it because if the boys found out they would beat me up or something.

Lizzy: just stop. I know your joking and stuff trying to hurt me. It works all the time so just stop!

Ok she doesn't believe me good so I can make an exuse even if it hurts me to type I have to do it.

Me:Hahaha I bet you actually believed for a second. It's actually connor now go cry yourself to sleep you piece of shit.
God that really hurt to type but I have to do what I have to do. I walk up to the group "What were you doing?" Kian asked

"Um..just messing with lizzy. She fell for it. It was classic." I fake laughed.

Kian then gave me a fist bump and we continued our walk to get fro yo.
*lizzy pov*
I knew he was kidding but part of me believed him and thought someone cared. I guess not.

I then watched some more youtube mostly Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa. They always make me smile.

I then herd they boys come in the house so I ran to my door and locked it. I also locked my window just in case.

Then I saw the door move like someone was trying to come in. Then they banged on the door. That scared the crap out of me.

"Open the damn door now!" He said in an angry tone that scared me even more.

I knew I had to open it but I was too scared "I am uh....naked." I said hoping he would leave.

I then herd him leave thank god. I sat in my room for alittle more but if he knew I was lying he would hurt me so I put my hair in the sink to make it wet to look like I showered.

I wrapped my hair in a towel. I changed into sweats and a sweat shirt. I hesitated to open my door but I did and walked downstairs.

"Get over here now. We're bord." Connor said and cracked his knuckles. I wish I didn't walk out of my room.

I then walked over and they started beating on me. But I didn't see sam. I wonder why, he loved beating on me.
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