Chapter 7

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Third P.O.V

The scene changed rapidly before the kids. The bright, blinding glares of casino lights and car's headlights. Getting out of the Las Vegas area they came driving past deserted grounds. Cacti stood lonesome. Snakes rattled their tails. The stars and full moon shone more brightly.

Aurora sat in the front seat next to Ben who was driving. She wore her light brown hair in a messy bun. Her face was wiped clean from the makeup she once wore. Her face laid on the palm of her hand against the door. Her blue eyes sleepy.

Everyone was tired in the backseat, none wanted to sleep, for they feared the charming man in front would hurt them. Yawns could be heard as all of the teens fought their sleep.

"You guys should sleep. You all look miserable." The man said. His grey eyes studying the teens in the back through the mirror and then looking at the girl by his side.

"Not..a..chance.." Aurora yawned, her eyes drooping slightly.

"Come on, I won't hurt you kids. You proved yourselves worthy. Just go to sleep." He persisted.

"Fine, I'm getting in the back though. I don't trust you." Aurora glared at the man as he pulled over. She hopped out of the car and Munch jumped out. Emma, not wanting to sit on Tuck's lap, took Munch's seat. She smiled triumphantly and Aurora sat in Alex's lap.

Alex's hands wrapped around her waist pulling her gently closer to him. Aurora didn't mind. She just snuggled closer, forgetting her boyfriend back home. She felt thirteen again. She remembered admitting her love to him. She remembered their first kiss at the party. She blushed at the flashbacks.

Alex looked to his side to find Emma sleeping on Tuck's shoulder (he was sleeping too). Munch silently snored from the front seat. Alex decided it was now or never.

"Aurora?" He said quietly.

"Hm?" She replied half asleep.

"I-I think I still l-love you.." Alex drifted off as he heard Aurora snore. He sighed and chuckled at the same time. She fell asleep on top of him. Alex couldn't argue that it wasn't nice. Because it was. He felt complete with the girl of his dreams in his arms as he held her protectively. He pecked her cheek and dozed off.

Ben looked at all the teens asleep. He smirked proud that he almost completed his mission. All he had to do was arrive at their destination. His smirk fell. They wanted to lock the teens up and question them about their little alien friend. They weren't as dangerous as the agency had said they were. They were just a bunch of kids trying to aid a helpless creature.

He had to make a decision. Is he going to help them? Is he going to give them up?


Sunset came. The sky was littered with hues of pink and orange. The moon slowly went down and the stars faded as the sun came up from the east. The teens stirred from their sleep. Aurora, and everyone else, woke at the jerk of a turn.

"Owww," She whined holding her head, "be more gentle on your turns, you skeez."

Ben chuckled. "You try driving after not having 72 hours of no sleep, sweetheart. It's not fun."

"How are you still awake then?" Emma asked rubbing her eyes. Ben looked at her through the mirror and grabbed a can from the cup holder. He held it up and shook it. It was red bull. "Okay.. so, how much farther?"

"Not that far."

An hour past. The scenery changed before the kids. Pine trees and rocky hills surrounded them. They watched mother deer and their babies run into the thick foliage of greenery. They saw the birds chirping and flapping their wings happily. They soon past an electric fence that had a sign saying;

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